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Cutting-edge terahertz technology
M Tonouchi
Nature photonics 1 (2), 97-105
Terahertz technology
PH Siegel
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Far-infrared time-domain spectroscopy with terahertz beams of dielectrics and semiconductors
D Grischkowsky, S Keiding, M Exter, C Fattinger
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Materials for terahertz science and technology
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Imaging with terahertz waves
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T-ray imaging
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Subpicosecond photoconducting dipole antennas
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Non-destructive terahertz imaging of illicit drugs using spectral fingerprints
K Kawase, Y Ogawa, Y Watanabe, H Inoue
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Free‐space electro‐optic sampling of terahertz beams
Q Wu, XC Zhang
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Metal wires for terahertz wave guiding
K Wang, DM Mittleman
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THz imaging and sensing for security applications—explosives, weapons and drugs
JF Federici, B Schulkin, F Huang, D Gary, R Barat, F Oliveira, D Zimdars
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Recent advances in terahertz imaging
DM Mittleman, M Gupta, R Neelamani, RG Baraniuk, JV Rudd, M Koch
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Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy of water vapor
M Van Exter, C Fattinger, D Grischkowsky
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Generation of femtosecond electromagnetic pulses from semiconductor surfaces
XC Zhang, BB Hu, JT Darrow, DH Auston
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Terahertz technology in biology and medicine
PH Siegel
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Pulsed terahertz spectroscopy of DNA, bovine serum albumin and collagen between 0.1 and 2.0 THz
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Far-infrared dielectric properties of polar liquids probed by femtosecond terahertz pulse spectroscopy
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T-ray tomography
DM Mittleman, S Hunsche, L Boivin, MC Nuss
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Coherent submillimeter-wave emission from charge oscillations in a double-well potential
HG Roskos, MC Nuss, J Shah, K Leo, DAB Miller, AM Fox, S Schmitt-Rink, ...
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Imaging with terahertz radiation
WL Chan, J Deibel, DM Mittleman
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Exploring dynamics in the far-infrared with terahertz spectroscopy
CA Schmuttenmaer
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Two‐dimensional electro‐optic imaging of THz beams
Q Wu, TD Hewitt, XC Zhang
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Ultrafast electro‐optic field sensors
Q Wu, XC Zhang
Applied physics letters 68 (12), 1604-1606
Terahertz beams
C Fattinger, D Grischkowsky
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3.4-THz quantum cascade laser based on longitudinal-optical-phonon scattering for depopulation
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Coherent control of THz wave generation in ambient air
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Operation of terahertz quantum-cascade lasers at 164 K in pulsed mode and at 117 K in continuous-wave mode
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Terahertz spectroscopy
MC Beard, GM Turner, CA Schmuttenmaer
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Generation and detection of terahertz pulses from biased semiconductor antennas
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Free-space electro-optics sampling of mid-infrared pulses
Q Wu, XC Zhang
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An investigation of functional and anatomical connectivity using magnetic resonance imaging
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Diffusion tensor imaging detects early Wallerian degeneration of the pyramidal tract after ischemic stroke
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Far-infrared vibrational spectra of all-< i> trans</i>, 9-< i> cis</i> and 13-< i> cis</i> retinal measured by THz time-domain spectroscopy
M Walther, B Fischer, M Schall, H Helm, PU Jepsen
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Coherent tunable THz‐wave generation from LiNbO3 with monolithic grating coupler
K Kawase, M Sato, T Taniuchi, H Ito
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Terahertz beam generation by femtosecond optical pulses in electro‐optic materials
L Xu, XC Zhang, DH Auston
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Terahertz optical rectification from< 110> zinc‐blende crystals
A Rice, Y Jin, XF Ma, XC Zhang, D Bliss, J Larkin, M Alexander
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Electrooptical generation and detection of femtosecond electrical transients
DH Auston, MC Nuss
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Detectors and sources for ultrabroadband electro-optic sampling: Experiment and theory
A Leitenstorfer, S Hunsche, J Shah, MC Nuss, WH Knox
Applied physics letters 74 (11), 1516-1518
Quantum size dependence of femtosecond electronic dephasing and vibrational dynamics in CdSe nanocrystals
DM Mittleman, RW Schoenlein, JJ Shiang, VL Colvin, AP Alivisatos, ...
Physical Review B 49 (20), 14435
Terahertz wave parametric source
K Kawase, J Shikata, H Ito
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 35 (3), R1
Disconnection of speech-relevant brain areas in persistent developmental stuttering
M Sommer, MA Koch, W Paulus, C Weiller, C Büchel
The Lancet 360 (9330), 380-383
7 terahertz broadband GaP electro-optic sensor
Q Wu, XC Zhang
Applied physics letters 70 (14), 1784-1786
THz near-field imaging
S Hunsche, M Koch, I Brener, MC Nuss
Optics communications 150 (1), 22-26
Terahertz spectroscopy and imaging–Modern techniques and applications
PU Jepsen, DG Cooke, M Koch
Laser & Photonics Reviews 5 (1), 124-166
Influence of tissue conductivity anisotropy on EEG/MEG field and return current computation in a realistic head model: a simulation and visualization study using high-resolution finite element modeling
CH Wolters, A Anwander, X Tricoche, D Weinstein, MA Koch, ...
NeuroImage 30 (3), 813-826
Observation of terahertz emission from a laser-plasma accelerated electron bunch crossing a plasma-vacuum boundary
WP Leemans, CGR Geddes, J Faure, C Tóth, J Van Tilborg, ...
Physical review letters 91 (7), 74802
186 K operation of terahertz quantum-cascade lasers based on a diagonal design
S Kumar, Q Hu, JL Reno
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Noncovalent intermolecular forces in polycrystalline and amorphous saccharides in the far infrared
M Walther, BM Fischer, P Uhd Jepsen
Chemical Physics 288 (2), 261-268
THz reflection spectroscopy of liquid water
L Thrane, RH Jacobsen, P Uhd Jepsen, SR Keiding
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High-power terahertz quantum-cascade lasers
BS Williams, S Kumar, Q Hu, JL Reno
Electronics letters 42 (2), 89-91
Point source terahertz optics
C Fattinger, D Grischkowsky
Applied Physics Letters 53 (16), 1480-1482
T-ray computed tomography
B Ferguson, S Wang, D Gray, D Abbot, XC Zhang
Optics Letters 27 (15), 1312-1314
Near-field terahertz imaging with a dynamic aperture
Q Chen, Z Jiang, GX Xu, XC Zhang
Optics Letters 25 (15), 1122-1124
Terahertz quantum-cascade laser at λ≈ 100 μm using metal waveguide for mode confinement
BS Williams, S Kumar, H Callebaut, Q Hu, JL Reno
Applied Physics Letters 83 (11), 2124-2126
Plastic ribbon THz waveguides
R Mendis, D Grischkowsky
Journal of Applied Physics 88 (7), 4449-4451
Saturation properties of large-aperture photoconducting antennas
JT Darrow, XC Zhang, DH Auston, JD Morse
Quantum Electronics, IEEE Journal of 28 (6), 1607-1616
Collective vibrational modes in biological molecules investigated by terahertz time‐domain spectroscopy
M Walther, P Plochocka, B Fischer, H Helm, P Uhd Jepsen
Biopolymers 67 (4‐5), 310-313
High‐brightness terahertz beams characterized with an ultrafast detector
M Van Exter, C Fattinger, D Grischkowsky
Applied Physics Letters 55 (4), 337-339
Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy
MC Nuss, J Orenstein
Millimeter and submillimeter wave spectroscopy of solids, 7-50
Terahertz wave imaging: horizons and hurdles
XC Zhang
Physics in medicine and biology 47, 3667
Detection of broadband terahertz waves with a laser-induced plasma in gases
J Dai, X Xie, XC Zhang
Physical review letters 97 (10), 103903
THz Sommerfeld wave propagation on a single metal wire
TI Jeon, J Zhang, D Grischkowsky
Applied Physics Letters 86 (16), 161904
Gas sensing using terahertz time-domain spectroscopy
DM Mittleman, RH Jacobsen, R Neelamani, RG Baraniuk, MC Nuss
Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics 67 (3), 379-390
Diffusion tensor MRI of early upper motor neuron involvement in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
M Sach, G Winkler, V Glauche, J Liepert, B Heimbach, MA Koch, C Büchel, ...
Brain 127 (2), 340-350
White matter asymmetry in the human brain: a diffusion tensor MRI study
C Büchel, T Raedler, M Sommer, M Sach, C Weiller, MA Koch
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Conductivity of ZnO nanowires, nanoparticles, and thin films using time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy
JB Baxter, CA Schmuttenmaer
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A direct comparison between terahertz time-domain spectroscopy and far-infrared Fourier transform spectroscopy
PY Han, M Tani, M Usami, S Kono, R Kersting, XC Zhang
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Detection and identification of explosive RDX by THz diffuse reflection spectroscopy
HB Liu, Y Chen, GJ Bastiaans, XC Zhang
Optics Express 14 (1), 415-423
Study of terahertz radiation from InAs and InSb
P Gu, M Tani, S Kono, K Sakai, XC Zhang
Journal of applied physics 91 (9), 5533-5537
Continuous-wave operation of terahertz quantum-cascade lasers above liquid-nitrogen temperature
S Kumar, BS Williams, S Kohen, Q Hu, JL Reno
Applied physics letters 84 (14), 2494-2496
Real-time terahertz imaging over a standoff distance (≫ 25 meters)
AWM Lee, Q Qin, S Kumar, BS Williams, Q Hu, JL Reno
Applied Physics Letters 89 (14), 141125-141125-3
Terahertz imaging system based on a backward-wave oscillator
A Dobroiu, M Yamashita, YN Ohshima, Y Morita, C Otani, K Kawase
Applied optics 43 (30), 5637-5646
Time-domain transillumination of biological tissues with terahertz pulses
PY Han, GC Cho, XC Zhang
Optics Letters 25 (4), 242-244
A single-pixel terahertz imaging system based on compressed sensing
WL Chan, K Charan, D Takhar, KF Kelly, RG Baraniuk, DM Mittleman
Applied Physics Letters 93 (12), 121105
Efficient generation of 380 fs pulses of THz radiation by ultrafast laser pulse excitation of a biased metal‐semiconductor interface
N Katzenellenbogen, D Grischkowsky
Applied physics letters 58 (3), 222-224
Terahertz emission in single quantum wells after coherent optical excitation of light hole and heavy hole excitons
PCM Planken, MC Nuss, I Brener, KW Goossen, MSC Luo, SL Chuang, ...
Physical review letters 69 (26), 3800
Far-infrared terahertz time-domain spectroscopy of flames
RA Cheville, D Grischkowsky
Optics Letters 20 (15), 1646-1648
Introduction to THz wave photonics
XC Zhang, J Xu
Real-time, continuous-wave terahertz imaging by use of a microbolometer focal-plane array
AW Lee, Q Hu
Optics letters 30 (19), 2563-2565
Review of terahertz and subterahertz wireless communications
J Federici, L Moeller
Journal of Applied Physics 107 (11), 111101
Chemical recognition of gases and gas mixtures with terahertz waves
RH Jacobsen, DM Mittleman, MC Nuss
Optics Letters 21 (24), 2011-2013
Short-range ultra-broadband terahertz communications: Concepts and perspectives
R Piesiewicz, T Kleine-Ostmann, N Krumbholz, D Mittleman, M Koch, ...
Antennas and Propagation Magazine, IEEE 49 (6), 24-39
THz time domain spectroscopy of biomolecular conformational modes
A Markelz, S Whitmire, J Hillebrecht, R Birge
Physics in Medicine and Biology 47 (21), 3797
Free‐space radiation from electro‐optic crystals
BB Hu, XC Zhang, DH Auston, PR Smith
Applied physics letters 56 (6), 506-508
Terahertz optical rectification from a nonlinear organic crystal
XC Zhang, XF Ma, Y Jin, TM Lu, EP Boden, PD Phelps, KR Stewart, ...
Applied physics letters 61 (26), 3080-3082
Nature of conduction in doped silicon
TI Jeon, D Grischkowsky
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Quantum beats versus polarization interference: An experimental distinction
M Koch, J Feldmann, G Von Plessen, EO Göbel, P Thomas, K Köhler
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Compact continuous-wave subterahertz system for inspection applications
N Karpowicz, H Zhong, C Zhang, KI Lin, JS Hwang, J Xu, XC Zhang
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Direct subpicosecond measurement of carrier mobility of photoexcited electrons in gallium arsenide
MC Nuss, DH Auston, F Capasso
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Femtosecond charge transport in polar semiconductors
A Leitenstorfer, S Hunsche, J Shah, MC Nuss, WH Knox
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Electro-optic measurement of THz field pulses with a chirped optical beam
Z Jiang, XC Zhang
Applied Physics Letters 72 (16), 1945-1947
Terahertz heterodyne receiver based on a quantum cascade laser and a superconducting bolometer
JR Gao, JN Hovenier, ZQ Yang, JJA Baselmans, A Baryshev, M Hajenius, ...
Applied Physics Letters 86 (24), 244104
Dynamic range in terahertz time-domain transmission and reflection spectroscopy
PU Jepsen, BM Fischer
Optics letters 30 (1), 29-31
Electromagnetic modeling of terahertz quantum cascade laser waveguides and resonators
S Kohen, BS Williams, Q Hu
Journal of applied physics 97 (5), 053106
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