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Regional climate projections
JH Christensen, B Hewitson, A Busuioc, A Chen, X Gao, R Held, R Jones, ...
Climate Change, 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Contribution of Working ...
Regional climate information-evaluation and projections
F Giorgi, J Christensen, M Hulme, H Von Storch, P Whetton, R Jones, ...
Climate Change 2001: The Scientific Basis. Contribution of Working Group to ...
An Introduction to Trends in Extreme Weather and Climate Events: Observations, Socioeconomic Impacts, Terrestrial Ecological Impacts, and Model Projections*
GA Meehl, T Karl, DR Easterling, S Changnon, R Pielke Jr, D Changnon, ...
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 81 (3), 413-416
Trends in extreme weather and climate events: Issues related to modeling extremes in projections of future climate change*
GA Meehl, F Zwiers, J Evans, T Knutson, L Mearns, P Whetton
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 81 (3), 427-436
Summary for policymakers
RB Alley, B Hewitson, BJ Hoskins, F Joos, J Jouzel, V Kattsov, ...
Cambridge University Press
Climate scenario development
LO Mearns, M Hulme, TR Carter, R Leemans, M Lal, P Whetton, L Hay, ...
Simulated changes in daily rainfall intensity due to the enhanced greenhouse effect: implications for extreme rainfall events
HB Gordon, PH Whetton, AB Pittock, AM Fowler, MR Haylock
Climate Dynamics 8 (2), 83-102
Implications of climate change due to the enhanced greenhouse effect on floods and droughts in Australia
PH Whetton, AM Fowler, MR Haylock, AB Pittock
Climatic Change 25 (3-4), 289-317
Validation of downscaling models for changed climate conditions: case study of southwestern Australia
SP Charles, BC Bates, PH Whetton, JP Hughes
Climate Research 12 (1), 1-14
Simulation of the impacts of climate change on runoff and soil moisture in Australian catchments
FHS Chiew, PH Whetton, TA McMahon, AB Pittock
Journal of Hydrology 167 (1), 121-147
Australian climate change projections derived from simulations performed for the IPCC 4th Assessment Report
R Suppiah, KJ Hennessy, PH Whetton, K McInnes, I Macadam, J Bathols, ...
Australian Meteorological Magazine 56 (3), 131-152
The Response of the Antarctic Oscillation to Increasing and Stabilized Atmospheric CO [sub 2].
W Cai, P Whetton, DJ Karoly
Journal of Climate 16 (10)
Emerging patterns of simulated regional climatic changes for the 21st century due to anthropogenic forcings
F Giorgi, PH Whetton, RG Jones, JH Christensen, LO Mearns, B Hewitson, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 28 (17), 3317-3320
Human health and climate change in Oceania: a risk assessment
A McMichael, R Woodruff, P Whetton, K Hennessy, N Nicholls, S Hales, ...
Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing
Guidelines for use of climate scenarios developed from regional climate model experiments
LO Mearns, F Giorgi, P Whetton, D Pabon, M Hulme, M Lal
Data Distribution Center of IPCC. TGCIA
Climate change and snow-cover duration in the Australian Alps
PH Whetton, MR Haylock, R Galloway
Climatic Change 32 (4), 447-479
Modelled impact of future climate change on the phenology of winegrapes in Australia
LB Webb, PH Whetton, EWR Barlow
Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research 13 (3), 165-175
The impact of climate change on snow conditions in mainland Australia
KJ Hennessy, P Whetton, I Smith, J Bathols, M Hutchinson, J Sharples
CSIRO Atmospheric Research 47, 1-50
Distribution and persistence of temporary wetland habitats in arid Australia in relation to climate
DA Roshier, PH Whetton, RJ Allan, AI Robertson
Austral Ecology 26 (4), 371-384
Australian climate change projections for impact assessment and policy application: a review
PH Whetton, KL McInnes, RN Jones, KJ Hennessy, R Suppiah, CM Page, ...
CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research
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