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Guided wave propagation and spectral element method for debonding damage assessment in RC structures
Y Wang, X Zhu, H Hao, J Ou
Journal of sound and vibration 324 (3-5), 751-772
Parametric Monte Carlo studies of rock slopes based on the Hoek–Brown failure criterion
AJ Li, MJ Cassidy, Y Wang, RS Merifield, AV Lyamin
Computers and Geotechnics 45, 11-18
Spectral Element Model Updating for Damage Identification Using Clonal Selection Algorithm
Y Wang, X Zhu, H Hao, J Ou
Advances in Structural Engineering 14 (5), 837-856
Spectral element modelling of wave propagation with boundary and structural discontinuity reflections
Y Wang, H Hao, X Zhu, J Ou
Advances in structural engineering 15 (5), 855-870
Identification of prestress force in concrete beams by finite element model updating
Y Wang, XQ Zhu, H Hao, JP Ou
ISSEYE10: Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Structural ...
Finite element model updating using clonal selection algorithm
JP Ou, Y Wang
Proceedings of the second international conference on structural condition ...
Integrated health monitoring for reinforced concrete beams: An experimental study
Y Wang, H Hao
Australian Journal of Mechanical Engineering 8 (2), 207
Integrated health monitoring for a steel beam: an experimental study
Y Wang, XQ Zhu, H Hao, KQ Fan
ICSCS'10: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Steel ...
Damage identification of steel beams using local and global methods
Y Wang, H Hao
Advances in structural engineering 15 (5), 807-824
Simplified pipeline-soil interaction model for vibration-based damage detection of onshore pipelines
Y Wang, H Hao, XL Peng
ISSE: International symposium on structural engineering proceedings, 1375-1380
Damage Identification Scheme Based on Compressive Sensing
Y Wang, H Hao
Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering
FEM Calibrated ARMAX Model Updating Method for Time Domain Damage Identification
Y Wang, S Khoo, A Li, H Hao
Advances in Structural Engineering 16 (1), 51-60
An introduction to compressive sensing and its potential applications in structural engineering
Y Wang, H Hao
ISSE11: Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Structural ...
Site characterization evaluation in Perth metropolitan area using microtremor array method
JZY Liang, H Hao, Y Wang, KM Bi
ISSEYE10: Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Structural ...
Synthetic evaluation method for bridge priority ranking
Y Wang, J Ou
Australasian Structural Engineering Conference 2012: The past, present and ...
Debond detection in RC structures using piezoelectric materials
XQ Zhu, H Hao, KQ Fan, Y Wang, JP Ou
Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting: 2nd International ...
Structural damage identification based on self-fitting ARMAX model and multi-sensor data fusion
AM Ay, Y Wang
Structural Health Monitoring 13 (4), 445-460
Damage identification of slab–girder structures: experimental studies
Y Wang, H Hao
Journal of civil structural health monitoring 3 (2), 93-103
Australian network of structural health monitoring
THT Chan, Y Wang
Australian Journal of Structural Engineering 14 (1), i
Identification of de-bonding between steel bars and concrete using wavelet techniques: Comparative study
G Ou, Y Wang, H Hao, XQ Zhu
Australian Journal of Structural Engineering 14 (1), 43
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