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Seasonal abundance and behaviour of coastal birds on Cassino Beach, Brazil
CM Vooren, A Chiaradia
Ornitologia neotropical 1 (1)
Mortality and breeding failure of little penguins, Eudyptula minor
P Dann, FI Norman, JM Cullen, FJ Neira, A Chiaradia
Victoria 96, 355-362
Pyrosequencing faecal DNA to determine diet of little penguins: is what goes in what comes out?
BE Deagle, A Chiaradia, J McInnes, SN Jarman
Conservation Genetics 11 (5), 2039-2048
Daily nest attendance and breeding performance in the little penguin Eudyptula minor at Phillip Island, Australia
AF Chiaradia, KR Kerry
Marine Ornithology 27 (1-2), 13-20
Plasticity in parental provisioning and chick growth in Little Penguins Eudyptula minor in years of high and low breeding success
A Chiaradia, ICT Nisbet
Ardea 94 (2), 257-270
The diet of Little Penguins (Eudyptula minor) at Phillip Island, Victoria, in the absence of a major prey–Pilchard (Sardinops sagax)
A Chiaradia, A Costalunga, K Kerry
Emu 103 (1), 43-48
Guia de albatrozes e petréis do sul do Brasil
CM Vooren, AC Fernandes
How do different data logger sizes and attachment positions affect the diving behaviour of little penguins?
Y Ropert-Coudert, N Knott, A Chiaradia, A Kato
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 54 (3), 415-423
The effect of body condition on the timing and success of breeding in Little Penguins Eudyptula minor
S Robinson, A Chiaradia, MA Hindell
Ibis 147 (3), 483-489
Impact of small-scale environmental perturbations on local marine food resources: a case study of a predator, the little penguin
Y Ropert-Coudert, A Kato, A Chiaradia
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 276 (1676), 4105-4109
Mortality and breeding failure of little penguins, Eudyptula minor, in Victoria, 1995–96, following a widespread mortality of pilchard, Sardinops sagax
P Dann, FI Norman, JM Cullen, FJ Neira, A Chiaradia
Marine and Freshwater Research 51 (4), 355-362
Diving behaviour of Little Penguins from four colonies across their whole distribution range: bathymetry affecting diving effort and fledging success
A Chiaradia, Y Ropert-Coudert, A Kato, T Mattern, J Yorke
Marine Biology 151 (4), 1535-1542
Changes in diet and trophic position of a top predator 10 years after a mass mortality of a key prey
A Chiaradia, MG Forero, KA Hobson, JM Cullen
ICES Journal of Marine Science: Journal du Conseil 67 (8), 1710-1720
Foraging behaviour and habitat selection of the little penguin Eudyptula minor during early chick rearing in Bass Strait, Australia
AJ Hoskins, P Dann, Y Ropert-Coudert, A Kato, A Chiaradia, DP Costa, ...
Marine Ecology Progress Series 366, 293-303
Regulation of trip duration by an inshore forager, the little penguin (Eudyptula minor), during incubation
A Kato, Y Ropert-Coudert, A Chiaradia
The Auk 125 (3), 588-593
Does foraging performance change with age in female little penguins (Eudyptula minor)?
I Zimmer, Y Ropert-Coudert, A Kato, A Ancel, A Chiaradia
PloS one 6 (1), e16098
Synchronized group association in little penguins,< i> Eudyptula minor</i>
TA Daniel, A Chiaradia, M Logan, GP Quinn, RD Reina
Animal behaviour 74 (5), 1241-1248
Plasticity in foraging strategies of inshore birds: how little penguins maintain body reserves while feeding offspring
C Saraux, SM Robinson-Laverick, Y Le Maho, Y Ropert-Coudert, ...
Ecology 92 (10), 1909-1916
Finding the balance: the effect of the position of external devices on little penguins
A Chiaradia, Y Ropert-Coudert, M Healy, N Knott
Polar Biosci 18, 46-53
Balance: a neglected factor when attaching external devices to penguins
M Healy, A Chiaradia, R Kirkwood, P Dann
Mem Natl Inst Polar Res 58, 179-182
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