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Global desertification: building a science for dryland development
JF Reynolds, DMS Smith, EF Lambin, BL Turner, M Mortimore, ...
science 316 (5826), 847-851
Transnational livelihoods and landscapes: political ecologies of globalization
AJ Bebbington, SPJ Batterbury
Cultural geographies 8 (4), 369-380
Environmental transformations in developing countries: hybrid research and democratic policy
S Batterbury, T Forsyth, K Thomson
Geographical Journal 163 (2), 126-132
Rescaling governance and the impacts of political and environmental decentralization: an introduction
SPJ Batterbury, JL Fernando
World Development 34 (11), 1851-1863
Sahel pastoralists: opportunism, struggle, conflict and negotiation. A case study from eastern Niger
B Thébaud, S Batterbury
Global environmental change 11 (1), 69-78
Environmental histories, access to resources and landscape change: an introduction
SPJ Batterbury, AJ Bebbington
Land Degradation & Development 10 (4), 279-289
Landscapes of diversity: a local political ecology of livelihood diversification in south-western Niger
S Batterbury
Cultural Geographies 8 (4), 437-464
The African Sahel 25 years after the great drought: assessing progress and moving towards new agendas and approaches
S Batterbury, A Warren
Global Environmental Change 11 (1), 1-8
Practice, power and meaning: frameworks for studying organizational culture in multi‐agency rural development projects
D Lewis, AJ Bebbington, SPJ Batterbury, A Shah, E Olson, MS Siddiqi, ...
Journal of International Development 15 (5), 541-557
Soil erosion in the West African Sahel: a review and an application of a “local political ecology” approach in South West Niger
A Warren, S Batterbury, H Osbahr
Global Environmental Change 11 (1), 79-95
Fighting back: Human adaptations in marginal environments
S Batterbury, T Forsyth
Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development 41 (6), 6-9
Using and shaping the land: a long-term perspective
H Haberl, S Batterbury, E Moran
Land Use Policy 18 (1), 1-8
Local environmental management, land degradation and the ‘gestion des terroirs’ approach in West Africa: policies and pitfalls
S Batterbury
Journal of International Development 10 (7), 871-898
Of texts and practices: Empowerment and organisational cultures in world bank-funded rural development programmes
A Bebbington, D Lewis, S Batterbury, E Olson, MS Siddiqi
Journal of Development Studies 43 (4), 597-621
Environmental activism and social networks: campaigning for bicycles and alternative transport in West London
S Batterbury
The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 590 (1 ...
Sustainability and Sahelian soils: evidence from Niger
A Warren, S Batterbury, H Osbahr
The Geographical Journal 167 (4), 324-341
Indigenous views of soil erosion at Fandou Béri, southwestern Niger
A Warren, H Osbahr, S Batterbury, A Chappell
Geoderma 111 (3), 439-456
Anthropology and global warming: the need for environmental engagement
S Batterbury
The Australian Journal of Anthropology 19 (1), 62-68
Responding to desertification at the national scale: detection, explanation, and responses
S Batterbury, R Behnke, P Döll, J Ellis, P Harou, MA LynamT, S Nicholson, ...
Global desertification: do humans cause deserts
Planners or performers? Reflections on indigenous dryland farming in northern Burkina Faso
SPJ Batterbury
Agriculture and human values 13 (3), 12-22
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