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The management of labour: A history of Australian employers
CA Wright
Oxford University Press
The false promise of technological determinism: the case of enterprise resource planning systems
D Grant, R Hall, N Wailes, C Wright
New Technology, Work and Employment 21 (1), 2-15
Take the money and run? Organisational boundaries and consultants' roles
Jim Kitay Associate Professor, Christopher Wright Associate Professor
The Service Industries Journal 24 (3), 1-18
Does it really work? Re-assessing the impact of pre-departure cross-cultural training on expatriate adjustment
JF Puck, MG Kittler, C Wright
The International Journal of Human Resource Management 19 (12), 2182-2197
Reinventing human resource management: Business partners, internal consultants and the limits to professionalization
C Wright
Human Relations 61 (8), 1063-1086
Management Reactions to Technological Change The Example of Enterprise Resource Planning
B Harley, C Wright, R Hall, K Dery
The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 42 (1), 58-75
A consulting diaspora? Enterprising selves as agents of enterprise
A Sturdy, C Wright
Organization 15 (3), 427-444
Promoting demand, gaining legitimacy and broadening expertise: the evolution of consultancy-client relationships in Australia
C Wright
Management consulting: emergence and dynamics of a knowledge industry, 184-202
Expertise and organizational boundaries: The varying roles of Australian management consultants
J Kitay, C Wright
Asia Pacific Business Review 9 (3), 21-40
Best-Practice Taylorism:'Yankee Speed-Up'in Australian Grocery Distribution
C Wright, J Lund
Journal of Industrial Relations 38 (2), 196-212
Work, organisation and enterprise resource planning systems: an alternative research agenda
K Dery, D Grant, B Harley, C Wright
New Technology, Work and Employment 21 (3), 199-214
Spreading the Word Gurus, Consultants and the Diffusion of the Employee Relations Paradigm in Australia
C Wright, J Kitay
Management Learning 35 (3), 271-286
Supply Chain Rationalization Retailer Dominance and Labour Flexibility in the Australian Food and Grocery Industry
C Wright, J Lund
Work, Employment & Society 17 (1), 137-157
From prophets to profits: The occupational rhetoric of management consultants
J Kitay, C Wright
Human relations 60 (11), 1613-1640
‘Under the Clock’: Trade Union Responses to Cmputerised Control in US and Australian Grocery Warehousing
C Wright, J Lund
New Technology, Work and Employment 13 (1), 3-15
‘But does it work?’Perceptions of the impact of management consulting
C Wright, J Kitay
Strategic Change 11 (5), 271-278
Inside out? Organizational membership, ambiguity and the ambivalent identity of the internal consultant
C Wright
British Journal of Management 20 (3), 309-322
From shop floor to boardroom: The historical evolution of Australian management consulting, 1940s to 1980s
C Wright
Business History 42 (1), 85-86
Variations on a lean theme: work restructuring in retail distribution
C Wright, J Lund
New Technology, Work and Employment 21 (1), 59-74
The active client: The boundary-spanning roles of internal consultants as gatekeepers, brokers and partners of their external counterparts
A Sturdy, C Wright
Management Learning, 1350507611401536
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