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Social learning and life skills training for hatchery reared fish
C Brown, K Laland
Journal of Fish Biology 59 (3), 471-493
Social learning in fishes: a review
C Brown, KN Laland
Fish and Fisheries 4 (3), 280-288
The future of stock enhancements: lessons for hatchery practice from conservation biology
C Brown, RL Day
Fish and Fisheries 3 (2), 79-94
In situ examination of boldness–shyness traits in the tropical poeciliid,< i> Brachyraphis episcopi</i>
C Brown, F Jones, V Braithwaite
Animal Behaviour 70 (5), 1003-1009
Familiarity facilitates social learning of foraging behaviour in the guppy
W Swaney, J Kendal, H Capon, C Brown, KN Laland
Animal Behaviour 62 (3), 591-598
Fish cognition and behavior
C Brown, K Laland, J Krause
John Wiley & Sons
Size matters: a test of boldness in eight populations of the poeciliid< i> Brachyraphis episcopi</i>
C Brown, VA Braithwaite
Animal Behaviour 68 (6), 1325-1329
Interactions between shoal size and conformity in guppy social foraging
RL Day, T MacDonald, C Brown, KN Laland, SM Reader
Animal Behaviour 62 (5), 917-925
Environmental enrichment and prior experience of live prey improve foraging behaviour in hatchery‐reared Atlantic salmon
C Brown, T Davidson, K Laland
Journal of Fish Biology 63 (s1), 187-196
Heritable and experiential effects on boldness in a tropical poeciliid
C Brown, F Burgess, VA Braithwaite
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 62 (2), 237-243
Effects of predation pressure on the cognitive ability of the poeciliid Brachyraphis episcopi
C Brown, VA Braithwaite
Behavioral Ecology 16 (2), 482-487
Population variation in lateralized eye use in the poeciliid Brachyraphis episcopi
C Brown, C Gardner, VA Braithwaite
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences ...
Predator recognition and anti-predator responses in the rainbowfish Melanotaenia eachamensis
C Brown, K Warburton
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 41 (1), 61-68
Learning in fishes: from three-second memory to culture
KN Laland, C Brown, J Krause
Fish and Fisheries 4 (3), 199-202
Correlation between boldness and body mass in natural populations of the poeciliid Brachyrhaphis episcopi
C Brown, F Jones, VA Braithwaite
Journal of Fish Biology 71 (6), 1590-1601
Differential stress responses in fish from areas of high-and low-predation pressure
C Brown, C Gardner, VA Braithwaite
Journal of Comparative Physiology B 175 (5), 305-312
Laterality enhances cognition in Australian parrots
M Magat, C Brown
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 276 (1676), 4155-4162
Reproductive isolation in a threespine stickleback hybrid zone
FC Jones, C Brown, JM Pemberton, VA Braithwaite
Journal of evolutionary biology 19 (5), 1531-1544
Social learning of a novel avoidance task in the guppy: conformity and social release
C Brown, KN Laland
Animal Behaviour 64 (1), 41-47
Social mechanisms enhance escape responses in shoals of rainbowfish, Melanotaenia duboulayi
C Brown, K Warburton
Environmental Biology of Fishes 56 (4), 455-459
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