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Measuring project success
M Freeman, P Beale
Project Management Journal 23 (1), 8-17
Peer assessment by groups of group work
M Freeman
Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education 20 (3), 289-300
SPARK, a confidential web–based template for self and peer assessment of student teamwork: benefits of evaluating across different subjects
M Freeman, J McKenzie
British Journal of Educational Technology 33 (5), 551-569
Exploiting the web for education: An anonymous asynchronous role simulation
MA Freeman, J Capper
Australian Journal of Educational Technology 15, 95-116
Flexibility in access, interaction and assessment: The case for web-based teaching programs
M Freeman
Australian Journal of Educational Technology 13, 23-39
Video Conferencing: a Solution to the Multi‐campus Large Classes Problem?
M Freeman
British Journal of Educational Technology 29 (3), 197-210
Improving teamwork and engagement: the case for self and peer assessment
K Willey, M Freeman
Australasian Journal of Engineering Education 12, 2006-2002
Case studies: Integrating the use of web based learning systems into student learning
S Housego, M Freeman
Australian Journal of Educational Technology 16 (3), 258-282
Anonymity and in class learning: The case for electronic response systems
M Freeman, P Blayney, P Ginns
Australasian Journal of Educational Technology 22 (4), 568
Student choice of anonymity for learner identity in online learning discussion forums
M Freeman, A Bamford
International Journal on E-learning 3 (3), 45-53
Promoting interactive in-class learning environments: A comparison of an electronic response system with a traditional alternative
M Freeman, P Blayney
Capital budgeting: theory versus practice
M Freeman, G Hobbes
Obstacles and opportunities for technological innovation in business teaching and learning
MA Freeman, JM Capper
The international journal of management education 1 (1), 37-47
Building community in academic settings: The importance of flexibility in a structured mentoring program
R Ewing, M Freeman, S Barrie, A Bell, D O’Connor, F Waugh, C Sykes
Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning 16 (3), 294-310
Business as usual: a collaborative and inclusive investigation of existing resources, strengths, gaps and challenges to be addressed for sustainability in teaching and learning in Australian university business faculties'
M Freeman, P Hancock, L Simpson, C Sykes, P Petocz, I Densten, ...
Carrick Institute (now ALTC) on behalf of the Australian Business Deans ...
Automated formative feedback and summative assessment using individualised spreadsheet assignments
P Blayney, M Freeman
Australasian Journal of Educational Technology 20 (2), 209-231
Educational Innovations: Hype, Heresies and Hopes
M Freeman, JM Capper
University of Technology, Sydney, Faculty of Business
Completing the learning cycle: The role of formative feedback when using self and peer assessment to improve teamwork and engagement
K Willey, M Freeman
Proceedings of the 17th Annual Conference of the Australasian Association ...
Successful project execution: a model
P Beale, M Freeman
Project Management Journal 22 (4), 23-30
Embedding the development of intercultural competence in business education
M Freeman, L Treleaven, P Ramburuth, B Leask, N Caulfield, L Simpson, ...
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