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Developmental programming of the metabolic syndrome by maternal nutritional imbalance: how strong is the evidence from experimental models in mammals?
JA Armitage, IY Khan, PD Taylor, PW Nathanielsz, L Poston
The Journal of physiology 561 (2), 355-377
Experimental models of developmental programming: consequences of exposure to an energy rich diet during development
JA Armitage, PD Taylor, L Poston
The Journal of physiology 565 (1), 3-8
Developmental origins of obesity and the metabolic syndrome: the role of maternal obesity
J Armitage, L Poston, P Taylor
Karger Publishers 36, 73-84
Perinatal omega-3 fatty acid deficiency affects blood pressure later in life
H Weisinger, PL Armitage, James A Burns, AJ Sinclair, AJ Vingrys, ...
New York, NY: Nature Publishing Group,
Developmental programming of aortic and renal structure in offspring of rats fed fat-rich diets in pregnancy
JA Armitage, L Lakasing, PD Taylor, AA Balachandran, RI Jensen, ...
The Journal of physiology 565 (1), 171-184
Increased blood pressure later in life may be associated with perinatal n− 3 fatty acid deficiency
JA Armitage, AD Pearce, AJ Sinclair, AJ Vingrys, RS Weisinger, ...
Lipids 38 (4), 459-464
Exposure to a high-fat diet alters leptin sensitivity and elevates renal sympathetic nerve activity and arterial pressure in rabbits
LJ Prior, N Eikelis, JA Armitage, PJ Davern, SL Burke, JP Montani, ...
Hypertension 55 (4), 862-868
The contribution of cone responses to rat electroretinograms
PJ Nixon, BV Bui, JA Armitage, AJ Vingrys
Clinical & experimental ophthalmology 29 (3), 193-196
ACE inhibition salvages the visual loss caused by diabetes
BV Bui, JA Armitage, M Tolcos, ME Cooper, AJ Vingrys
Diabetologia 46 (3), 401-408
Extraction and modelling of oscillatory potentials
BV Bui, JA Armitage, AJ Vingrys
Documenta ophthalmologica 104 (1), 17-36
Retinal sensitivity loss in third-generation n-3 PUFA-deficient rats
HS Weisinger, JA Armitage, BG Jeffrey, DC Mitchell, T Moriguchi, ...
Lipids 37 (8), 759-765
Rapid Onset of Renal Sympathetic Nerve Activation in Rabbits Fed a High-Fat Diet
JA Armitage, SL Burke, LJ Prior, B Barzel, N Eikelis, K Lim, GA Head
Hypertension 60 (1), 163-171
The role of blood pressure in glaucoma
Z He, AJ Vingrys, JA Armitage, BV Bui
Clinical and Experimental Optometry 94 (2), 133-149
White adipocytes: more than just fat depots
SL Henry, JG Bensley, RJ Wood-Bradley, LA Cullen-McEwen, JF Bertram, ...
The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology 44 (3), 435-440
Omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acid imbalance early in life leads to persistent reductions in DHA levels in glycerophospholipids in rat hypothalamus even after long-term omega 3 fatty acid repletion
D Li, HS Weisinger, RS Weisinger, M Mathai, JA Armitage, AJ Vingrys, ...
Prostaglandins, leukotrienes and essential fatty acids 74 (6), 391-399
Cardiovascular consequences of life-long exposure to dietary isoflavones in the rat
G Douglas, JA Armitage, PD Taylor, JR Lawson, GE Mann, L Poston
The Journal of physiology 571 (2), 477-487
Altered retinal function and structure after chronic placental insufficiency
BV Bui, SM Rees, M Loeliger, J Caddy, AH Rehn, JA Armitage, AJ Vingrys
Investigative ophthalmology & visual science 43 (3), 805-812
IUGR in the absence of postnatal “catch-up” growth leads to improved whole body insulin sensitivity in rat offspring
K Lim, JA Armitage, A Stefanidis, BJ Oldfield, MJ Black
Pediatric research 70 (4), 339-344
Blood pressure modifies retinal susceptibility to intraocular pressure elevation
Z He, CTO Nguyen, JA Armitage, AJ Vingrys, BV Bui
PloS one 7 (2), e31104
Retinal Anatomy and Function of the Transthyretin Null Mouse
BV Bui, JA Armitage, EL Fletcher, SJ Richardson, G Schreiber, AJ Vingrys
Experimental eye research 73 (5), 651-659
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