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Integrating the development of graduate attributes through constructive alignment
L Treleaven, R Voola
Journal of marketing education 30 (2), 160-173
Implementing competitive strategies: the role of responsive and proactive market orientations
R Voola, A O'Cass
European Journal of Marketing 44 (1/2), 245-266
Emotional intelligence and competitive advantage: examining the relationship from a resource‐based view
R Voola, J Carlson, A West
Strategic Change 13 (2), 83-93
Strategic alliances and knowledge sharing: synergies or silos?
J Connell, R Voola
Journal of Knowledge Management 11 (3), 52-66
Travel trade shows: exploratory study of exhibitors' perceptions
U Yuksel, R Voola
Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing 25 (4), 293-300
An examination of helping behavior—Some evidence from Australia
MJ Polonsky, L Shelley, R Voola
Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing 10 (2), 67-82
The effects of market orientation, technological opportunism, and e-business adoption on performance: A moderated mediation analysis
R Voola, G Casimir, J Carlson, M Anushree Agnihotri
Australasian Marketing Journal (AMJ) 20 (2), 136-146
Explications of political market orientation and political brand orientation using the resource-based view of the political party
A O'Cass, R Voola
Journal of Marketing Management 27 (5-6), 627-645
International marketing
MM Kotabe, A Marshall, SH Ang, K Griffiths, R Voola, RE Roberts, ...
http://au. wiley. com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-EHEP003047. html
Leadership styles, internal marketing, and market orientation: conceptualizing the relationships
R Voola, G Casimir, H Haugen
ANZMAC Conference Proceedings Adelaide, 1-7
Integrated marketing communications (IMC) in a social marketing context: application to practice–drug and alcohol treatment services
P Morgan, R Voola
Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (ANZMAC) Proceedings ...
Helping behaviour models–are they appropriate in Australia?
M Polonsky, L Shelley, H Student, R Voola, M Student
Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference, Queensland
Metacognitions about consumer protection and individual responsibility in the credit card domain
P Henry, E Garbarino, R Voola
Journal of Public Policy & Marketing 32 (1), 32-44
Knowledge integration and competitiveness: a longitudinal study of an industry cluster
J Connell, R Voola
Journal of Knowledge Management 17 (2), 208-225
Fukuyama’s End Of History Thesis: Are Western Marketing Theories The End Point Of Marketing Theory Evolution?
C Sutton-Brady, R Voola, U Yuksel
Journal of Business & Economics Research (JBER) 8 (7)
Size does matter: collaboration and competitive advantage within a manufacturing and engineering cluster
J Connell, R Voola
International Journal of Globalisation and Small Business 4 (1), 61-72
Strategic flexibility and organisational performance: The mediating effects of total market orientation
R Voola, S Muthaly
Proceedings of ANZMAC 2005 Conference: Strategic Marketing and Market ...
Sensemaking, wisdom, and decision making in marketing strategy
K Cowley, R Voola
Proceedings of the 2005 ANZMAC conference: strategic marketing and market ...
Resource-based model of e-business adoption in China: an empirical investigation
R Voola, J Carlson, HY Wong, JHJ Li
Journal of Technology Management in China 5 (3), 227-244
The dynamic capability of ambidexterity in hypercompetition: qualitative insights
A Kriz, R Voola, U Yuksel
Journal of Strategic Marketing, 1-13
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