Matthew Brian Couger
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The genome of the anaerobic fungus Orpinomyces sp. strain C1A reveals the unique evolutionary history of a remarkable plant biomass degrader
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Assessing the global phylum level diversity within the bacterial domain: a review
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Research resource: the dexamethasone transcriptome in hypothalamic embryonic neural stem cells
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Genome sequences of the lignin-degrading Pseudomonas sp. strain YS-1p and Rhizobium sp. strain YS-1r isolated from decaying wood
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Thermal adaptation strategies of the extremophile bacterium Thermus filiformis based on multi-omics analysis
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Enabling large‐scale next‐generation sequence assembly with Blacklight
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Draft genome sequence of the environmental isolate Chryseobacterium sp. Hurlbut01
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Survival of the anaerobic fungus Orpinomyces sp. strain C1A after prolonged air exposure
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Draft genome sequence of Micrococcus luteus strain O'Kane implicates metabolic versatility and the potential to degrade polyhydroxybutyrates
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Draft genome sequence of the thermophile Thermus filiformis ATCC 43280, producer of carotenoid-(di) glucoside-branched fatty acid (di) esters and source of hyperthermostable …
F Mandelli, BO Ramires, MB Couger, DAA Paixão, CM Camilo, ...
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Draft genome sequence of Pseudomonas moraviensis strain Devor implicates metabolic versatility and bioremediation potential
NT Miller, D Fuller, MB Couger, M Bagazinski, P Boyne, RC Devor, ...
Genomics data 9, 154-159, 2016
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