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Associative mechanisms allow for social learning and cultural transmission of string pulling in an insect
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Correction: Associative Mechanisms Allow for Social Learning and Cultural Transmission of String Pulling in an Insect
S Alem, CJ Perry, X Zhu, OJ Loukola, T Ingraham, E Søvik, L Chittka
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Breeding system of protogynous Mandragora caulescens (Solanaceae).
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Alpine Codonopsis convolvulacea (Campanulaceae) provides multiple rewards to its main pollinator
X Zhu, J Yang, Q Li
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雌先熟植物茄参 (茄科) 的繁育系统
万金鹏, 朱兴福, 李庆军
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What ecological factors favor the shift from distyly to homostyly? A study from the perspective of reproductive assurance
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Correlation between the timing of autonomous selfing and floral traits: a comparative study from three selfing Gentianopsis species (Gentianaceae)
JQ Yang, YL Fan, XF Jiang, QJ Li, XF Zhu
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-7, 2018
兰州: 兰州大学, 2009
Variation in the degree of reciprocal herkogamy affects the degree of legitimate pollination in a distylous species
XF Jiang, XF Zhu, QJ Li
AoB Plants 10 (3), ply022, 2018
偏花报春和海仙报春 3 个同域居群的不对称杂交
谢艳萍, 赵建立, 朱兴福, 李莉, 李庆军
生物多样性 25 (6), 647-653, 2017
三种高山植物对传粉昆虫的适应── 花报偿, 花展示和花表型
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