Muhammad J. A. Shiddiky
Muhammad J. A. Shiddiky
Senior Lecturer
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Application of ionic liquids in electrochemical sensing systems
MJA Shiddiky, AAJ Torriero
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 26 (5), 1775-1787, 2011
A lactate biosensor based on lactate dehydrogenase/nictotinamide adenine dinucleotide (oxidized form) immobilized on a conducting polymer/multiwall carbon nanotube composite film
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Strategies for improving the functionality of zeolitic imidazolate frameworks: Tailoring nanoarchitectures for functional applications
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Hydrazine-catalyzed ultrasensitive detection of DNA and proteins
MJA Shiddiky, MA Rahman, YB Shim
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Poly (A) extensions of miRNAs for amplification-free electrochemical detection on screen-printed gold electrodes
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Circulating tumor DNA and liquid biopsy: opportunities, challenges, and recent advances in detection technologies
L Gorgannezhad, M Umer, MN Islam, NT Nguyen, MJA Shiddiky
Lab on a Chip 18 (8), 1174-1196, 2018
Nonadditivity of faradaic currents and modification of capacitance currents in the voltammetry of mixtures of ferrocene and the cobaltocenium cation in protic and aprotic ionic …
MJA Shiddiky, AAJ Torriero, C Zhao, I Burgar, G Kennedy, AM Bond
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (23), 7976-7989, 2009
Enabling rapid and specific surface-enhanced Raman scattering immunoassay using nanoscaled surface shear forces
Y Wang, R Vaidyanathan, MJA Shiddiky, M Trau
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Direct analysis of trace phenolics with a microchip: in-channel sample preconcentration, separation, and electrochemical detection
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Real time and label free profiling of clinically relevant exosomes
AAI Sina, R Vaidyanathan, S Dey, LG Carrascosa, MJA Shiddiky, M Trau
Scientific reports 6, 30460, 2016
Duplex microfluidic SERS detection of pathogen antigens with nanoyeast single-chain variable fragments
Y Wang, S Rauf, YS Grewal, LJ Spadafora, MJA Shiddiky, GA Cangelosi, ...
Analytical chemistry 86 (19), 9930-9938, 2014
Graphene/quantum dot bionanoconjugates as signal amplifiers in stripping voltammetric detection of EpCAM biomarkers
MJA Shiddiky, S Rauf, PH Kithva, M Trau
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 35 (1), 251-257, 2012
Highly selective and sensitive DNA assay based on electrocatalytic oxidation of ferrocene bearing zinc (II)− cyclen complexes with diethylamine
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Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (29), 10053-10063, 2010
Electrophoretic analysis of food dyes using a miniaturized microfluidic system
KS Lee, MJA Shiddiky, SH Park, DS Park, YB Shim
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Simultaneous analysis of nitrate and nitrite in a microfluidic device with a Cu‐complex‐modified electrode
MJA Shiddiky, MS Won, YB Shim
Electrophoresis 27 (22), 4545-4554, 2006
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