Ashish Goyal
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Viral load and contact heterogeneity predict SARS-CoV-2 transmission and super-spreading events
A Goyal, DB Reeves, EF Cardozo-Ojeda, JT Schiffer, BT Mayer
eLife, 2021
Potency and timing of antiviral therapy as determinants of duration of SARS CoV-2 shedding and intensity of inflammatory response
A Goyal, EF Cardozo-Ojeda, JT Schiffer
Science Advances, 2020
The impact of vaccination and antiviral therapy on hepatitis B and hepatitis D epidemiology
A Goyal, JM Murray
PloS one 9 (10), e110143, 2014
In silico single cell dynamics of hepatitis B virus infection and clearance
JM Murray, A Goyal
Journal of theoretical biology 366, 91-102, 2015
No recovery of replication-competent HIV-1 from human liver macrophages
AJ Kandathil, S Sugawara, A Goyal, CM Durand, J Quinn, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 128 (10), 4501-4509, 2018
Modelling the impact of cell-to-cell transmission in hepatitis B virus
A Goyal, JM Murray
PloS one 11 (8), e0161978, 2016
The Role of Infected Cell Proliferation in the Clearance of Acute HBV Infection in Humans
A Goyal, RM Ribeiro, AS Perelson
Viruses 9 (11), 2017
Within-host mathematical models of hepatitis B virus infection: past, present, and future
A Goyal, LE Liao, AS Perelson
Current Opinion in Systems Biology 18, 27-35, 2019
Modeling HCV cure after an ultra-short duration of therapy with direct acting agents
A Goyal, Y Lurie, E Meissner, M Major, Sansone, Natasha, SL Uprichard, ...
Antiviral Research 144, 281-285, 2017
Modeling explains prolonged SARS-CoV-2 nasal shedding relative to lung shedding in remdesivir treated rhesus macaques
A Goyal, ER Duke, EF Cardozo-Ojeda, JT Schiffer
iScience, 2022
Slight reduction in SARS-CoV-2 exposure viral load due to masking results in a significant reduction in transmission with widespread implementation
A Goyal, DB Reeves, N Thakkar, M Famulare, EF Cardozo-Ojeda, ...
Scientific Reports 11, 2021
Multi-scale modelling reveals that early super-spreader events are a likely contributor to novel variant predominance
A Goyal, D Reeves, JT Schiffer
J. R. Soc. Interface 19, 2022
Mathematical Modeling of Vaccines That Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Transmission
DA Swan, A Goyal, C Bracis, M Moore, E Krantz, E Brown, ...
Viruses 13, 2021
Roadmap to control HBV and HDV epidemics in China
A Goyal, JM Murray
Journal of Theoretical Biology 423, 41-52, 2017
The dynamics of integration, viral suppression and cell-cell transmission in the development of occult Hepatitis B virus infection
A Goyal, R Chauhan
Journal of theoretical biology 455, 269-280, 2018
Suppression of hepatitis B virus through therapeutic activation of RIG-I and IRF3 signaling in hepatocytes
S Lee, A Goyal, AS Perelson, Y Ishida, T Saito, MG Jr.
iScience, 2021
Recognizing the impact of endemic hepatitis D virus on hepatitis B virus eradication
A Goyal, JM Murray
Theoretical population biology 112, 60-69, 2016
Modeling the desalination of saline water by using bacteria and marsh plants
JB Shukla, R Sanghi, A Goyal, AK Misra
Desalination 277 (1-3), 113-120, 2011
Modeling the role of government efforts in controlling extremism in a society
A Goyal, JB Shukla, AK Misra, A Shukla
Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences 38 (17), 4300-4316, 2015
Tobacco epidemics: Effect of marketing bans and awareness programs on its spread
A Goyal
Applied Mathematics and Computation 247, 1030-1051, 2014
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