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Ameloot Rob
University of Leuven, Centre for Membrane Separations, Adsorption, Catalysis, and Spectroscopy
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An updated roadmap for the integration of metal–organic frameworks with electronic devices and chemical sensors
I Stassen, N Burtch, A Talin, P Falcaro, M Allendorf, R Ameloot
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P Falcaro, R Ricco, A Yazdi, I Imaz, S Furukawa, D Maspoch, R Ameloot, ...
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Super‐resolution reactivity mapping of nanostructured catalyst particles
MBJ Roeffaers, G De Cremer, J Libeert, R Ameloot, P Dedecker, AJ Bons, ...
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In situ synthesis of Cu–BTC (HKUST-1) in macro-/mesoporous silica monoliths for continuous flow catalysis
A Sachse, R Ameloot, B Coq, F Fajula, B Coasne, D De Vos, A Galarneau
Chemical Communications 48 (39), 4749-4751, 2012
Morphology of large ZSM-5 crystals unraveled by fluorescence microscopy
MBJ Roeffaers, R Ameloot, M Baruah, H Uji-i, M Bulut, G De Cremer, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (17), 5763-5772, 2008
Tuning the catalytic performance of metal–organic frameworks in fine chemistry by active site engineering
F Vermoortele, R Ameloot, L Alaerts, R Matthessen, B Carlier, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (20), 10313-10321, 2012
Ionic Conductivity in the Metal–Organic Framework UiO‐66 by Dehydration and Insertion of Lithium tert‐Butoxide
R Ameloot, M Aubrey, BM Wiers, AP Gómora‐Figueroa, SN Patel, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 19 (18), 5533-5536, 2013
Solvent-free synthesis of supported ZIF-8 films and patterns through transformation of deposited zinc oxide precursors
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I Stassen, M Styles, T Van Assche, N Campagnol, J Fransaer, J Denayer, ...
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Silica–MOF composites as a stationary phase in liquid chromatography
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R Ameloot, MBJ Roeffaers, G De Cremer, F Vermoortele, J Hofkens, ...
Advanced Materials 23 (15), 1788-1791, 2011
Digital microfluidic high‐throughput printing of single metal‐organic framework crystals
D Witters, N Vergauwe, R Ameloot, S Vermeir, D De Vos, R Puers, B Sels, ...
Advanced Materials 24 (10), 1316-1320, 2012
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