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Is realised connectivity among populations of aquatic fauna predictable from potential connectivity?
JM Hughes, JA Huey, DJ Schmidt
Freshwater Biology 58 (5), 951-966, 2013
Patterns of gene flow in two species of eel-tailed catfish, Neosilurus hyrtlii and Porochilus argenteus (Siluriformes: Plotosidae), in western Queensland's dryland …
JA Huey, JM Hughes, AM Baker
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 87 (3), 457-467, 2006
Low interbasin connectivity in a facultatively diadromous fish: evidence from genetics and otolith chemistry
JM Hughes, DJ Schmidt, JI Macdonald, JA Huey, DA Crook
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The effect of landscape processes upon gene flow and genetic diversity in an Australian freshwater fish, Neosilurus hyrtlii
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High levels of genetic structure in the Australian freshwater fish, Ambassis macleayi
JA Huey, AM Baker, JM Hughes
Journal of the North American Benthological Society 29 (3), 1148-1160, 2010
Go with the flow: the movement behaviour of fish from isolated waterhole refugia during connecting flow events in an intermittent dryland river
JC Marshall, N Menke, DA Crook, JS Lobegeiger, SR Balcombe, JA Huey, ...
Freshwater Biology 61 (8), 1242-1258, 2016
Where have all the spiders gone? The decline of a poorly known invertebrate fauna in the agricultural and arid zones of southern Australia
MG Rix, JA Huey, BY Main, JM Waldock, SE Harrison, S Comer, ...
Austral Entomology 56 (1), 14-22, 2017
High gene flow and metapopulation dynamics detected for three species in a dryland river system
JA Huey, DJ Schmidt, SR Balcombe, JC Marshall, JM Hughes
Freshwater Biology 56 (11), 2378-2390, 2011
Migration history and stock structure of two putatively diadromous teleost fishes, as determined by genetic and otolith chemistry analyses
DJ Schmidt, DA Crook, JI Macdonald, JA Huey, BP Zampatti, S Chilcott, ...
Freshwater Science 33 (1), 193-206, 2014
Extremely low microsatellite diversity but distinct population structure in a long-lived threatened species, the Australian lungfish Neoceratodus forsteri (Dipnoi)
JM Hughes, DJ Schmidt, JA Huey, KM Real, T Espinoza, A McDougall, ...
PLoS One 10 (4), 2015
Is variable connectivity among populations of a continental gobiid fish driven by local adaptation or passive dispersal?
JA Huey, DA Crook, JI Macdonald, DJ Schmidt, JC Marshall, ...
Freshwater Biology 59 (8), 1672-1686, 2014
Broadscale phylogeographic structure of five freshwater fishes across the Australian Monsoonal Tropics
JA Huey, BD Cook, PJ Unmack, JM Hughes
Freshwater Science 33 (1), 273-287, 2014
Natural and anthropogenic drivers of genetic structure and low genetic variation in the endangered freshwater cod, Maccullochella mariensis
JA Huey, T Espinoza, JM Hughes
Conservation Genetics 14 (5), 997-1008, 2013
Aquatic insects in eastern Australia: a window on ecology and evolution of dispersal in streams
JM Hughes, JA Huey, AJ McLean, O Baggiano
Insects 2 (4), 447-461, 2011
The linking of plate tectonics and evolutionary divergence
MJ Phillips, TJ Page, M de Bruyn, JA Huey, WF Humphreys, JM Hughes, ...
Current Biology 23 (14), R603-R605, 2013
Understanding subterranean variability: the first genus of Bathynellidae (Bathynellacea, Crustacea) from Western Australia described through a morphological and multigene approach
G Perina, AI Camacho, J Huey, P Horwitz, A Koenders
Invertebrate systematics 32 (2), 423-447, 2018
Did common disjunct populations of freshwater fishes in northern Australia form from the same biogeographic events?
BD Cook, PJ Unmack, JA Huey, JM Hughes
Freshwater Science 33 (1), 263-272, 2014
Conspicuously concealed: revision of the arid clade of the Gehyra variegata (Gekkonidae) group in Western Australia using an integrative molecular and morphological approach …
L Kealley, P Doughty, M Pepper, JS Keogh, M Hillyer, J Huey
PeerJ 6, e5334, 2018
Molecular and morphological evidence for a new genus of small trapdoor spiders from arid Western Australia (Araneae: Mygalomorphae: Nemesiidae: Anaminae)
MA Castalanelli, JA Huey, MJ Hillyer, MS Harvey
Invertebrate Systematics 31 (4), 492-505, 2017
Species distributions represent intraspecific genetic diversity of freshwater fish in conservation assessments
V Hermoso, MJ Kennard, DJ Schmidt, N Bond, JA Huey, RK Mondol, ...
Freshwater biology 61 (10), 1707-1719, 2016
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