Cristiano VM Araújo
Cristiano VM Araújo
Institute of Marine Science of Andalusia - ICMAN-CSIC, Spain
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The use of Microtox® to assess toxicity removal of industrial effluents from the industrial district of Camaçari (BA, Brazil)
CVM Araujo, RB Nascimento, CA Oliveira, UJ Strotmann, EM da Silva
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Heavy metals in yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) and common dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus) landed on the Ecuadorian coast
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Science of the Total Environment 541, 149-154, 2016
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Avoidance response of Danio rerio to a fungicide in a linear contamination gradient
CVM Araújo, C Shinn, LB Mendes, D Delello-Schneider, AL Sanchez, ...
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Acute and chronic sensitivity, avoidance behavior and sensitive life stages of bullfrog tadpoles exposed to the biopesticide abamectin
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Micorriza arbuscular em plantações de Eucalyptus cloeziana F. Muell no litoral norte da Bahia, Brasil
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Acta Botânica Brasileira 18 (3), 513-520, 2004
Ring test for whole-sediment toxicity assay with-a-benthic marine diatom
CVM Araújo, V Tornero, LM Lubián, J Blasco, SA van Bergeijk, ...
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Attractiveness of food and avoidance from contamination as conflicting stimuli to habitat selection by fish
CVM Araújo, ENV Rodríguez, D Salvatierra, LA Cedeño-Macias, ...
Chemosphere 163, 177-183, 2016
Preference and avoidance responses by tadpoles: the fungicide pyrimethanil as a habitat disturber
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Measuring the avoidance behaviour shown by the snail Hydrobia ulvae exposed to sediment with a known contamination gradient
CVM Araújo, J Blasco, I Moreno-Garrido
Ecotoxicology 21 (3), 750-758, 2012
Habitat fragmentation caused by contaminants: atrazine as a chemical barrier isolating fish populations
CVM Araújo, DCVR Silva, LET Gomes, RD Acayaba, CC Montagner, ...
Chemosphere 193, 24-31, 2018
Predicting the effects of copper on local population decline of 2 marine organisms, cobia fish and whiteleg shrimp, based on avoidance response
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Environmental toxicology and chemistry 35 (2), 405-410, 2016
Potential effects of triclosan on spatial displacement and local population decline of the fish Poecilia reticulata using a non-forced system
DCVR Silva, CVM Araújo, JC López-Doval, MB Neto, FT Silva, TCB Paiva, ...
Chemosphere 184, 329-336, 2017
Microbiologia de sistema de lodos ativados e sua relação com o tratamento de efluentes industriais: a experiência da Cetrel
GSS Oliveira, CVM Araújo, JGS Fernandes
Eng Sanit Ambient 14 (2), 183-192, 2009
In situ and laboratory bioassays using Poecilia reticulata Peters, 1859 in the biomonitoring of an acidic lake at Camaçari, BA, Brazil
CVM Araújo, SJ Cohin-de-Pinho, JS Santos, F Delgado, LCS Santana, ...
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Active avoidance from a crude oil soluble fraction by an Andean paramo copepod
CVM Araújo, M Moreira-Santos, JP Sousa, V Ochoa-Herrera, ...
Ecotoxicology 23 (7), 1254-1259, 2014
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