Hiroyuki Ohno
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Cytowane przez
Ionic-liquid materials for the electrochemical challenges of the future
M Armand, F Endres, DR MacFarlane, H Ohno, B Scrosati
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H Ohno
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H Ohno, K Fukumoto
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DR MacFarlane, M Forsyth, PC Howlett, M Kar, S Passerini, JM Pringle, ...
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H Ohno, M Yoshizawa, W Ogihara
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T Kato, M Yoshio, T Ichikawa, B Soberats, H Ohno, M Funahashi
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H Ohno, Y Fukaya
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Y Kohno, H Ohno
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S Washiro, M Yoshizawa, H Nakajima, H Ohno
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A Fernicola, B Scrosati, H Ohno
Ionics 12, 95-102, 2006
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