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BCR/ABL regulates mammalian RecA homologs, resulting in drug resistance
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Signal transducer and activator of transcription (STAT) 5 activation by BCR/ABL is dependent on intact Src homology (SH) 3 and SH2 domains of BCR/ABL and is required for …
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Fusion tyrosine kinases induce drug resistance by stimulation of homology-dependent recombination repair, prolongation of G2/M phase, and protection from apoptosis
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BCR/ABL inhibits mismatch repair to protect from apoptosis and induce point mutations
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BCR/ABL and other kinases from chronic myeloproliferative disorders stimulate single-strand annealing, an unfaithful DNA double-strand break repair
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BCR/ABL promotes accumulation of chromosomal aberrations induced by oxidative and genotoxic stress
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BCR/ABL modifies the kinetics and fidelity of DNA double-strand breaks repair in hematopoietic cells
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Activation of mammalian target of rapamycin in transformed B lymphocytes is nutrient dependent but independent of Akt, mitogen-activated protein kinase/extracellular signal …
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BCR/ABL stimulates WRN to promote survival and genomic instability
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ATR-Chk1 axis protects BCR/ABL leukemia cells from the lethal effect of DNA double-strand breaks
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The chromatin remodeling factor SRCAP modulates expression of prostate specific antigen and cellular proliferation in prostate cancer cells
A Slupianek, S Yerrum, FF Safadi, MA Monroy
Journal of cellular physiology 224 (2), 369-375, 2010
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