Magdalena Tarnacka
Magdalena Tarnacka
Intitute of Physics and SMCEBI, University of Silesia in Katowice
Zweryfikowany adres z us.edu.pl
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Cytowane przez
Molecular dynamics of itraconazole at ambient and high pressure
M Tarnacka, K Adrjanowicz, E Kaminska, K Kaminski, K Grzybowska, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (47), 20742-20752, 2013
Enhanced polymerization rate and conductivity of ionic liquid-based epoxy resin
P Maksym, M Tarnacka, A Dzienia, K Matuszek, A Chrobok, K Kaminski, ...
Macromolecules 50 (8), 3262-3272, 2017
Decoupling between the interfacial and core molecular dynamics of salol in 2D confinement
K Adrjanowicz, K Kolodziejczyk, WK Kipnusu, M Tarnacka, EU Mapesa, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (25), 14366-14374, 2015
Studies on the Temperature and Time Induced Variation in the Segmental and Chain Dynamics in Poly (propylene glycol) Confined at the Nanoscale
M Tarnacka, K Kaminski, EU Mapesa, E Kaminska, M Paluch
Macromolecules 49 (17), 6678-6686, 2016
Interplay between core and interfacial mobility and its impact on the measured glass transition: Dielectric and calorimetric studies
M Tarnacka, E Kaminska, K Kaminski, CM Roland, M Paluch
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (13), 7373-7380, 2016
Molecular dynamics in supercooled liquid and glassy states of antibiotics: azithromycin, clarithromycin and roxithromycin studied by dielectric spectroscopy. Advantages given …
K Adrjanowicz, D Zakowiecki, K Kaminski, L Hawelek, K Grzybowska, ...
Molecular pharmaceutics 9 (6), 1748-1763, 2012
Predicting Nanoscale Dynamics of a Glass-Forming Liquid from Its Macroscopic Bulk Behavior and Vice Versa
K Adrjanowicz, K Kaminski, M Tarnacka, G Szklarz, M Paluch
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8 (3), 696-702, 2017
The peculiar behavior of the molecular dynamics of a glass-forming liquid confined in native porous materials–the role of negative pressure
M Tarnacka, WK Kipnusu, E Kaminska, S Pawlus, K Kaminski, M Paluch
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (34), 23709-23714, 2016
The role of interfacial energy and specific interactions on the behavior of poly (propylene glycol) derivatives under 2D confinement
A Talik, M Tarnacka, I Grudzka-Flak, P Maksym, M Geppert-Rybczynska, ...
Macromolecules 51 (13), 4840-4852, 2018
Molecular dynamics of itraconazole confined in thin supported layers
EU Mapesa, M Tarnacka, E Kamińska, K Adrjanowicz, M Dulski, ...
RSC Advances 4 (54), 28432-28438, 2014
Molecular dynamics of the supercooled pharmaceutical agent posaconazole studied via differential scanning calorimetry and dielectric and mechanical spectroscopies
K Adrjanowicz, K Kaminski, P Wlodarczyk, K Grzybowska, M Tarnacka, ...
Molecular Pharmaceutics 10 (10), 3934-3945, 2013
A new way of stabilization of furosemide upon cryogenic grinding by using acylated saccharides matrices. The role of hydrogen bonds in decomposition mechanism
E Kaminska, K Adrjanowicz, K Kaminski, P Wlodarczyk, L Hawelek, ...
Molecular pharmaceutics 10 (5), 1824-1835, 2013
Following kinetics and dynamics of DGEBA-aniline polymerization in nanoporous native alumina oxide membranes–FTIR and dielectric studies
M Tarnacka, M Dulski, S Starzonek, K Adrjanowicz, EU Mapesa, ...
Polymer 68, 253-261, 2015
Studying the impact of modified saccharides on the molecular dynamics and crystallization tendencies of model API nifedipine
E Kaminska, M Tarnacka, P Wlodarczyk, K Jurkiewicz, K Kolodziejczyk, ...
Molecular Pharmaceutics 12 (8), 3007-3019, 2015
A facile route to well-defined imidazolium-based poly (ionic liquid) s of enhanced conductivity via RAFT
P Maksym, M Tarnacka, A Dzienia, K Erfurt, A Chrobok, A Zięba, ...
Polymer Chemistry 8 (35), 5433-5443, 2017
Polymerization of monomeric ionic liquid confined within uniaxial alumina pores as a new way of obtaining materials with enhanced conductivity
M Tarnacka, A Chrobok, K Matuszek, S Golba, P Maksym, K Kaminski, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8 (43), 29779-29790, 2016
The impact of molecular weight on the behavior of poly (propylene glycol) derivatives confined within alumina templates
M Tarnacka, A Talik, E Kamińska, M Geppert-Rybczyńska, K Kaminski, ...
Macromolecules 52 (9), 3516-3529, 2019
Variation in the Molecular Dynamics of DGEBA Confined within AAO Templates above and below the Glass-Transition Temperature
M Tarnacka, M Dulski, M Geppert-Rybczyńska, A Talik, E Kamińska, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (49), 28033-28044, 2018
Highly efficient ROP polymerization of ε-caprolactone catalyzed by nanoporous alumina membranes. How the confinement affects the progress and product of ROP reaction
M Tarnacka, A Dzienia, P Maksym, A Talik, A Zięba, R Bielas, ...
Macromolecules 51 (12), 4588-4597, 2018
Time and temperature as key parameters controlling dynamics and properties of spatially restricted polymers
M Tarnacka, O Madejczyk, K Kaminski, M Paluch
Macromolecules 50 (13), 5188-5193, 2017
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