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Takashi Okubo
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Rational Synthesis of Stable Channel‐Like Cavities with Methane Gas Adsorption Properties: [{Cu2(pzdc)2(L)}n] (pzdc=pyrazine‐2,3‐dicarboxylate; L=a Pillar …
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A mixed-valence coordination polymer featuring two-dimensional ferroelectric order:{[CuI4CuII (Et2dtc) 2Cl3][CuII (Et2dtc) 2] 2 (FeCl4)} n (Et2dtc-= diethyldithiocarbamate)
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Rationale Synthese stabiler, kanalartiger Käfige mit Methan‐adsorbierenden Eigenschaften:[{Cu2 (pzdc) 2 (L)} n](pzdc= Pyrazin‐2, 3‐dicarboxylat; L= Säulenligand)
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Effect of the Metal‐Assisted Assembling Mode on the Redox States of Hexaazatriphenylene Hexacarbonitrile
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