Amir Awaluddin
Amir Awaluddin
Professor of material science and catalysis, Universitas Riau
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Electrical resistivity measurements on manganese oxides with layer and tunnel structures: birnessites, todorokites, and cryptomelanes
RN De Guzman, A Awaluddin, YF Shen, ZR Tian, SL Suib, S Ching, ...
Chemistry of materials 7 (7), 1286-1292, 1995
Pembuatan biodiesel dari minyak kelapa melalui reaksi metanolisis menggunakan katalis CaCO3 yang dipijarkan
P Padil, S Wahyuningsih, A Awaluddin
Jurnal Natur Indonesia 13 (01), 27-32, 2010
Synthesis and crystal structures of two new titanium alkoxy–diolate complexes. Potential precursors for oxide ceramics
AC Jones, PA Williams, JF Bickley, A Steiner, HO Davies, TJ Leedham, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 11 (5), 1428-1433, 2001
Transesterification of waste chicken fats for synthesizing biodiesel by CaO as heterogeneous base catalyst
A Awaluddin, A Prayitno, TA Amri
Proceedings of the International Conference on Energy and Sustainable …, 2010
Quenching of tris (2, 2'-bipyridine) ruthenium (II) luminescence by cobalt (III) polypyridyl complexes in different sites in and on clays
A Awaluddin, RN DeGuzman, CV Kumar, SL Suib, SL Burkett, ME Davis
The Journal of Physical Chemistry 99 (24), 9886-9892, 1995
The origin of inverse absorption bands observed in the far-infrared RAIRS spectra of SnCl4 and SnBr4 adsorbed on thin-film SnO2 surfaces
A Awaluddin, MJ Pilling, PL Wincott, S LeVent, M Surman, ME Pemble, ...
Surface science 502, 63-69, 2002
The Cu-doped cryptomelane-type octahedral molecular sieve manganese oxide synthesized by sol-gel for the degradation of methylene blue
A Awaluddin, L Astuti, A Linggawati, SS Siregar, P Prasetya, L Saputra
AIP Conference Proceedings 2026 (1), 020075, 2018
A one-pot synthesis of Fe-doped cryptomelane type octahedral molecular sieve manganese oxide for degradation of methylene blue dye
A Awaluddin, R Anggraini, SS Siregar, Muhdarina, Prasetya
MATEC Web of Conference 276, 06005, 2019
Precursor effects on the morphology and crystallinity of manganese oxides and their catalytic application for methylene blue degradation
A Awaluddin, M Agustina, RR Aulia, Muhdarina
AIP Conference Proceedings 1823 (1), 020108, 2017
Faktor-Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Produksi Biodiesel dari Minyak Sawit Mentah Menggunakan Katalis Padat Kalsium Karbonat yang Dipijarkan
A Awaluddin, S Nelvia
Jurnal Natur Indonesia 11 (02), 2012
Faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi produksi biodiesel dari minyak sawit mentah menggunakan katalis padat kalsium karbonat yang dipijarkan
A Awaluddin, S Nelvia
Jurnal Natur Indonesia 11 (02), 129-134, 2009
Proses Pencairan Langsung Biomassa Menjadi Bio-oil dengan Menggunakan Thermo-Oil
A Awaluddin
IMHERE Project. HEI-IU Universitas Riau, 2007
The enhanced catalytic activities of octahedral layer birnessite-type manganese oxide synthesized via precipitation method for the degradation of methylene blue
A Awaluddin, R Zulfa, S Absus, A Linggawati, SS Siregar
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 509 (1), 012011, 2019
Direct liquid injection MOCVD growth of TiO2 films using the precursor Ti (mpd)(dmae) 2
A Awaluddin, ME Pemble, AC Jones, PA Williams
Le Journal de Physique IV 11 (PR3), Pr3-531-Pr3-537, 2001
The direct synthesis of organic and organometallic-containing MICA-type aluminosilicates
KA Carrado, A Awaluddin
Argonne National Lab., IL (United States), 1993
A facile synthesis of octahedral layered birnessite-type manganese oxide (OL-1) nanostructures with tremendous catalytic activity for methylene blue degradation
S Absus, R Zulfa, A Awaluddin, S Anita, SS Siregar, Prasetya
AIP Conference Proceedings 2049 (1), 020009, 2018
Renewable energy mapping at Riau Province: Promoting Energy Diversification for sustainable development (a case study)
A Prayitno, A Awaluddin
Proceedings of the International Conference on Energy and Sustainable …, 2010
Anomalous inverse absorption features in the far-infrared RAIRS spectra of on thin-film surfaces
MJ Pilling, S Le Vent, P Gardner, A Awaluddin, PL Wincott, ME Pemble, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 117 (14), 6780-6788, 2002
Making biodiesel from coconut oil by reaction metanolisis heterogeneous catalyst
A Awaluddin, S Wahyuningsih
Proceedings of the International Conference on Energy and Sustainable …, 2010
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