Abhinav Grover
Abhinav Grover
Assistant Professor, School of Biotechnology, JNU, New Delhi
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Inhibition of the NEMO/IKKβ association complex formation, a novel mechanism associated with the NF-κB activation suppression by Withania somnifera’s key metabolite withaferin A
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Non-nucleosidic inhibition of Herpes simplex virus DNA polymerase: mechanistic insights into the anti-herpetic mode of action of herbal drug withaferin A
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Targeting mortalin by embelin causes activation of tumor suppressor p53 and deactivation of metastatic signaling in human breast cancer cells
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Predicting neurological adverse drug reactions based on biological, chemical and phenotypic properties of drugs using machine learning models
S Jamal, S Goyal, A Shanker, A Grover
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Role of pncA gene mutations W68R and W68G in pyrazinamide resistance
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