Venkataswamy Sujay
Venkataswamy Sujay
Visiting Scientist, RP_GG, ICRISAT
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Quantitative trait locus analysis and construction of consensus genetic map for foliar disease resistance based on two recombinant inbred line populations in cultivated …
V Sujay, MVC Gowda, MK Pandey, RS Bhat, YP Khedikar, HL Nadaf, ...
Molecular breeding 30 (2), 773-788, 2012
An international reference consensus genetic map with 897 marker loci based on 11 mapping populations for tetraploid groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
B Gautami, D Foncéka, MK Pandey, MC Moretzsohn, V Sujay, H Qin, ...
PLoS One 7 (7), e41213, 2012
QTL analysis and construction of consensus genetic map for foliar diseases resistance based on two RIL populations in cultivated groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
V Sujay, MVC Gowda, MK Pandey, RS Bhat, YP Khedikar, HL Nadaf, ...
Mol. Breed 32, 773-788, 2012
Characterization of AhMITE1 transposition and its association with the mutational and evolutionary origin of botanical types in peanut (Arachis spp.)
MVC Gowda, RS Bhat, V Sujay, P Kusuma, S Bhat, RK Varshney
Plant systematics and evolution 291 (3-4), 153-158, 2011
QTL mapping for late leaf spot and rust resistance using an improved genetic map and extensive phenotypic data on a recombinant inbred line population in peanut (Arachis …
RM Kolekar, V Sujay, K Shirasawa, M Sukruth, YP Khedikar, MVC Gowda, ...
Euphytica 209 (1), 147-156, 2016
Validation of markers linked to late leaf spot and rust resistance, and selection of superior genotypes among diverse recombinant inbred lines and backcross lines in peanut …
M Sukruth, SA Paratwagh, V Sujay, V Kumari, MVC Gowda, HL Nadaf, ...
Euphytica 204 (2), 343-351, 2015
Phenotypic and molecular dissection of ICRISAT mini core collection of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) for high oleic acid
G Mukri, HL Nadaf, RS Bhat, MVC Gowda, HD Upadhyaya, V Sujay
Plant breeding 131 (3), 418-422, 2012
Recovering flanking sequence tags of a miniature inverted-repeat transposable element by thermal asymmetric interlaced-PCR in peanut
RS Bhat, VU Patil, TM Chandrashekar, V Sujay, MVC Gowda, ...
Current science 95 (4), 452-453, 2008
Development and application of genomic resources for molecular breeding in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L)
RK Varshney, MVC Gowda, T Radhakrishnan, MK Pandey, B Gautami, ...
Proc: The 3rd International Conference on plant molecular breeding (ICPMB), 2010
Evaluation of early vigor related traits in upland rice (Oryza sativa)
V Sujay
UAS, Dharwad, 2007
Identification of main effect and epistatic quantitative trait loci for morphological and yield-related traits in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
Y Khedikar, MK Pandey, V Sujay, S Singh, SN Nayak, HW Klein-Gebbinck, ...
Molecular breeding 38 (1), 7, 2018
Selection of accessions from minicore to improve disease resistance in groundnut
V Sujay, VP Kusuma, G Yugandhar, B Sujatha, MVC Gowda, ...
Sequencing analysis of genetic loci for resistance for late leaf spot and rust in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
K Shirasawa, RS Bhat, YP Khedikar, V Sujay, RM Kolekar, SB Yeri, ...
Frontiers in plant science 9, 1727, 2018
PS-1 (IC0598201; INGR14015), a Finger Millet (Eleusine coracana) Germplasm with Partial Sterility, Useful in Hybridization and Easy Maintenance
MV Gowda, N Pushpalatha, SS Jadhav, RG Satish, MB Boronayaka, ...
Indian Journal of Plant Genetic Resources 27 (2), 192-192, 2014
Multivariate analysis through D2 statistic among free threshable mutants of tetraploid wheat (Triticum sp.).
G Ramya, K Madhusudan, PE Pradeep, IK Kalappanavar, V Sujay
Crop Research (Hisar) 43 (1/2/3), 142-146, 2012
Morphological characterization of a minicore subset in different botanical types of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.).
C Madhura, PV Basamma, V Sujay
International Journal of Plant Sciences (Muzaffarnagar) 6 (2), 280-284, 2011
Genetic mapping and qtl analysis for disease resistance, yield and quality in groundnut (arachis hypogaea l.)
V Sujay
UASD, 2017
Mapping late leaf spot and rust resistance using an improved consensus map in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
RS Bhat, RM Kolekar, B Asha, M Sukruth, K Shirasawa, V Sujay, ...
Genetic Variability and Inter-Relationship among M
G Ramya, K Madhusudan, PE Pradeep, IK Kalappanavar, V Sujay
EDITORIAL COMMITTEE 47 (1), 47-53, 2013
Genetic enhancement of resistance to foliar diseases
MVC Gowda, YP Khedikar, VP Kusuma, V Sujay, S Bhat, HD Upadhyaya, ...
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