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87Sr/86Sr isotope ratio analysis by laser ablation MC-ICP-MS in scales, spines, and fin rays as a nonlethal alternative to otoliths for reconstructing fish life history
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Fishery collapse, recovery, and the cryptic decline of wild salmon on a major California river.
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IsoFishR: An application for reproducible data reduction and analysis of strontium isotope ratios (87Sr/86Sr) obtained via laser-ablation MC-ICP-MS.
M Willmes, KM Ransom, LS Lewis, CT Denney, JJG Glessner, JA Hobbs
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New insights into Mesolithic human diet in the Mediterranean from stable isotope analysis: The sites of Campu Stefanu and Torre d'Aquila, Corsica
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A strontium isoscape of north‐east Australia for human provenance and repatriation
S Adams, R Grün, D McGahan, JX Zhao, Y Feng, A Nguyen, M Willmes, ...
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Strontium isotope tracing of prehistoric human mobility in France
M Willmes
The Australian National University, 2015
Newly discovered spawning and recruitment of threatened Longfin Smelt in restored and under‐explored tidal wetlands
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Who's been using my burial mound? Radiocarbon dating and isotopic tracing of human diet and mobility at the collective burial site, Le Tumulus des Sables, southwest France
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Additional information for: Bioavailable strontium isotope ratios for soils and plants in France
M Willmes, L McMorrow, L Kinsley, R Armstrong, M Aubert, S Eggins, ...
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