Cara Haney
Cara Haney
Assistant Professor of Microbiology, University of British Columbia
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TitleCited byYear
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Bacterially produced spermidine induces plant systemic susceptibility to pathogens
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An Improved Bioassay to Study Arabidopsis Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR) Against Bacterial Pathogens and Insect Pests
NM Cecchini, Y Song, S Roychoudhry, JT Greenberg, CH Haney
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Characterization of novel plant symbiosis mutants using a new multiple gene-expression reporter Sinorhizobium meliloti strain
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Manipulation of insect vector behaviour by the plant microbiome, a high-throughput phenotyping approach
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A bacterially produced polyamine induces plant systemic susceptibility to pathogens
RA Melnyk, P Beskrovnaya, Z Liu, Y Song, CH Haney
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Ectomycorrhizal fungi induce systemic resistance against insects on a non-mycorrhizal plant in a CERK1-dependent manner
K Vishwanathan, K Zienkiewicz, Y Liu, D Janz, I Feussner, A Polle, ...
bioRxiv, 852640, 2019
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