Andrew S. Flies
Andrew S. Flies
ARC Discovery Early Career Research Fellow - University of Tasmania
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B7-H1 is a ubiquitous antiapoptotic receptor on cancer cells
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Role of PD-1 and its ligand, B7-H1, in early fate decisions of CD8 T cells
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B7-H3 enhances tumor immunity in vivo by costimulating rapid clonal expansion of antigen-specific CD8+ cytolytic T cells
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CD137 stimulation delivers an antigen-independent growth signal for T lymphocytes with memory phenotype
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Essential role of TNF family molecule LIGHT as a cytokine in the pathogenesis of hepatitis
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Selective targeting of the LIGHT-HVEM costimulatory system for the treatment of graft-versus-host disease
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B7-H3 promotes pathogenesis of autoimmune disease and inflammation by regulating the activity of different T cell subsets
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Socioecological predictors of immune defences in wild spotted hyenas
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Markedly elevated antibody responses in wild versus captive spotted hyenas show that environmental and ecological factors are important modulators of immunity
AS Flies, LS Mansfield, CK Grant, ML Weldele, KE Holekamp
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Mosquito communities with trap height and urban‐rural gradient in Adelaide, South Australia: implications for disease vector surveillance
E Johnston, P Weinstein, D Slaney, AS Flies, S Fricker, C Williams
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PD-L1 is not constitutively expressed on Tasmanian devil facial tumor cells but is strongly upregulated in response to IFN-γ and can be expressed in the tumor microenvironment
AS Flies, AB Lyons, LM Corcoran, AT Papenfuss, JM Murphy, ...
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Development of a hyena immunology toolbox
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Characterization of toll-like receptors 1–10 in spotted hyenas
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Regional comparison of mosquito bloodmeals in South Australia: implications for Ross River virus ecology
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Comparative analysis of immune checkpoint molecules and their potential role in the transmissible tasmanian devil facial tumor disease
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Extreme competence: keystone hosts of infections
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Two Decades of the Impact of Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumor Disease
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Papillomavirus-associated cutaneous papillomas in a population of wild spotted hyenas (Crocuta crocuta)
KG Nelson, A L. Engh, CA McKnight, M Kiupel, AG Wise, RK Maes, ...
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