Parthasarathi Mandal
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Enhancing the hydrophilicity and cell attachment of 3D printed PCL/graphene scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
W Wang, G Caetano, WS Ambler, JJ Blaker, MA Frade, P Mandal, C Diver, ...
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Changes in the stress in the femoral head neck junction after osteochondroplasty for hip impingement: a finite element study
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Up-regulation of tension-related proteins in keloids: knockdown of Hsp27, α2β1-integrin, and PAI-2 shows convincing reduction of extracellular matrix production
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P Mandal
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Differential cytotoxic response in keloid fibroblasts exposed to photodynamic therapy is dependent on photosensitiser precursor, fluence and location of fibroblasts within the …
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Application of a lattice Boltzmann-immersed boundary method for fluid-filament dynamics and flow sensing
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Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers-Structures and Buildings …, 2004
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