Timothy J. Green
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Marine snails and slugs: a great place to look for antiviral drugs
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Inhibitor of REL/NF-К B is regulated in Sydney rock oysters in response to specific double-stranded RNA and Vibrio alginolyticus, but the major immune anti-oxidants EcSOD and …
TJ Green, AC Barnes
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The Proposed Dropping of the Genus Crassostrea for All Pacific Cupped Oysters and Its Replacement by a New Genus Magallana: A Dissenting View
BL Bayne, M Ahrens, SK Allen, MA D'auriac, T Backeljau, P Beninger, ...
Journal of Shellfish Research 36 (3), 545-547, 2017
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Antiviral Defense and Innate Immune Memory in the Oyster
TJ Green, P Speck
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F Aviles, MM Zhang, J Chan, J Delamare-Deboutteville, TJ Green, ...
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TJ Green, BJ Jones, RD Adlard, AC Barnes
Aquaculture 280 (1), 35-38, 2008
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