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Slightly hydrogenated TiO 2 with enhanced photocatalytic performance
Y Yan, M Han, A Konkin, T Koppe, D Wang, T Andreu, G Chen, U Vetter, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (32), 12708-12716, 2014
Incorporation of Zn 2+ ions into BaTiO 3: Er 3+/Yb 3+ nanophosphor: an effective way to enhance upconversion, defect luminescence and temperature sensing
MK Mahata, T Koppe, T Mondal, C Brüsewitz, K Kumar, VK Rai, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (32), 20741-20753, 2015
Intense ultraviolet cathodoluminescence at 318 nm from Gd 3+ - doped AlN
U Vetter, J Zenneck, H Hofsass
Applied Physics Letters 83 (11), 2145-2147, 2003
Ion beam synthesis of boron carbide thin films
C Ronning, D Schwen, S Eyhusen, U Vetter, H Hofsäss
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Ion implanted dopants in GaN and AlN: Lattice sites, annealing behavior, and defect recovery
C Ronning, M Dalmer, M Uhrmacher, M Restle, U Vetter, L Ziegeler, ...
Journal of applied Physics 87 (5), 2149-2157, 2000
BN/ZnO heterojunction diodes with apparently giant ideality factors
M Brötzmann, U Vetter, H Hofsäss
Journal of Applied Physics 106 (6), 063704, 2009
Luminescence centres in silica nanowires
NG Shang, U Vetter, I Gerhards, H Hofsäss, C Ronning, M Seibt
Nanotechnology 17 (13), 3215, 2006
Overview of band-edge and defect related luminescence in aluminum nitride
T Koppe, H Hofsäss, U Vetter
Journal of Luminescence 178, 267-281, 2016
Spectra and energy levels of Tm 3+(4 f 12) in AlN
JB Gruber, U Vetter, H Hofsäss, B Zandi, MF Reid
Physical Review B 70 (24), 245108, 2004
Demonstration of temperature dependent energy migration in dual-mode YVO 4: Ho 3+/Yb 3+ nanocrystals for low temperature thermometry
MK Mahata, T Koppe, K Kumar, H Hofsäss, U Vetter
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-11, 2016
Spectra and energy levels of Gd 3+(4 f 7) in AlN
JB Gruber, U Vetter, H Hofsäss, B Zandi, MF Reid
Physical Review B 69 (19), 195202, 2004
Visible cathodoluminescence from Eu-implanted single-and polycrystal c-BN annealed under high-temperature, high-pressure conditions
U Vetter, H Hofsäss, T Taniguchi
Applied Physics Letters 84, 4286, 2004
Ion beam synthesis of amorphous carbon thin films containing metallic nanoclusters
I Gerhards, C Ronning, U Vetter, H Hofsäss, H Gibhardt, G Eckold, Q Li, ...
Surface and Coatings Technology 158, 114-119, 2002
Ion beam deposition of fluorinated amorphous carbon
C Ronning, M Büttner, U Vetter, H Feldermann, O Wondratschek, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 90 (8), 4237-4245, 2001
Spectroscopic analysis of Eu 3+ in single-crystal hexagonal phase AlN
JB Gruber, U Vetter, T Taniguchi, GW Burdick, H Hofsass, S Chandra, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 110 (2), 023104-023104-7, 2011
Electrostatic gating of metallic and insulating phases in SmNiO3 ultrathin films
SD Ha, U Vetter, J Shi, S Ramanathan
Applied Physics Letters 102 (18), 183102, 2013
Plasma induced effects within the bulk material of wood veneers
R Wascher, G Avramidis, U Vetter, R Damm, F Peters, H Militz, W Viöl
Surface and Coatings Technology 259, 62-67, 2014
Lattice location and luminescence behavior of rare earth elements implanted in GaN
M Dalmer, MD Bremser, R Davis, A Stötzler, U Vetter, M Restle, ...
Lattice site location studies of ion implanted 8 Li in GaN
M Dalmer, M Restle, M Sebastian, U Vetter, H Hofsass, MD Bremser, ...
Journal of applied physics 84 (6), 3085-3089, 1998
Gmelin handbook of inorganic chemistry: Th: thorium
R Keim
Springer, 1990
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