Vijayaraghavan Ranganathan
Vijayaraghavan Ranganathan
Research Fellow, Monash University
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Bioactives from fruit processing wastes: Green approaches to valuable chemicals
J Banerjee, R Singh, R Vijayaraghavan, D MacFarlane, AF Patti, A Arora
Food chemistry 225, 10-22, 2017
Long-term structural and chemical stability of DNA in hydrated ionic liquids
R Vijayaraghavan, A Izgorodin, V Ganesh, M Surianarayanan, ...
Angew. Chem., Int. Ed 49 (9), 1631-1633, 2010
Dissolution of feather keratin in ionic liquids
A Idris, R Vijayaraghavan, UA Rana, D Fredericks, AF Patti, ...
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Dissolution and regeneration of wool keratin in ionic liquids
A Idris, R Vijayaraghavan, UA Rana, AF Patti, DR Macfarlane
Green Chemistry 16 (5), 2857-2864, 2014
Valorisation of pineapple wastes for food and therapeutic applications
S Banerjee, V Ranganathan, A Patti, A Arora
Trends in food science & technology 82, 60-70, 2018
A biodegradable thin-film magnesium primary battery using silk fibroin–ionic liquid polymer electrolyte
X Jia, C Wang, V Ranganathan, B Napier, C Yu, Y Chao, M Forsyth, ...
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Extraction and recovery of azo dyes into an ionic liquid
R Vijayaraghavan, N Vedaraman, M Surianarayanan, DR Macfarlane
Talanta 69 (5), 1059-1062, 2006
Long lifetime photoluminescence in N, S co-doped carbon quantum dots from an ionic liquid and their applications in ultrasensitive detection of pesticides
H Li, C Sun, R Vijayaraghavan, F Zhou, X Zhang, DR MacFarlane
Carbon 104, 33-39, 2016
New dimensions in salt–solvent mixtures: a 4th evolution of ionic liquids
DR MacFarlane, AL Chong, M Forsyth, M Kar, R Vijayaraghavan, ...
Faraday discussions 206, 9-28, 2018
Choline-based ionic liquids-enhanced biodegradation of azo dyes
S Sekar, M Surianarayanan, V Ranganathan, DR MacFarlane, AB Mandal
Environmental science & technology 46 (9), 4902-4908, 2012
Hemicellulose based biorefinery from pineapple peel waste: Xylan extraction and its conversion into xylooligosaccharides
S Banerjee, AF Patti, V Ranganathan, A Arora
Food and Bioproducts Processing 117, 38-50, 2019
Biocompatible ionic liquid–biopolymer electrolyte-enabled thin and compact magnesium–air batteries
X Jia, Y Yang, C Wang, C Zhao, R Vijayaraghavan, DR MacFarlane, ...
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Biocompatibility of choline salts as crosslinking agents for collagen based biomaterials
R Vijayaraghavan, BC Thompson, DR MacFarlane, R Kumar, ...
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SA Chowdhury, R Vijayaraghavan, DR MacFarlane
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Curcumin loaded poly (2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) nanoparticles from gelled ionic liquid–In vitro cytotoxicity and anti-cancer activity in SKOV-3 cells
SSD Kumar, M Surianarayanan, R Vijayaraghavan, AB Mandal, ...
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Living cationic polymerisation of styrene in an ionic liquid
R Vijayaraghavan, DR Macfarlane
Chemical Communications, 700-701, 2004
Spectroscopic investigations of polyacrylonitrile thermal degradation
M Surianarayanan, R Vijayaraghavan, KV Raghavan
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Distillable protic ionic liquids for keratin dissolution and recovery
A Idris, R Vijayaraghavan, AF Patti, DR Macfarlane
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Structure and function of proteins in hydrated choline dihydrogen phosphate ionic liquid
KD Weaver, RM Vrikkis, MP Van Vorst, J Trullinger, R Vijayaraghavan, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14 (2), 790-801, 2012
Process design and techno-economic analysis of an integrated mango processing waste biorefinery
A Arora, J Banerjee, R Vijayaraghavan, D MacFarlane, AF Patti
Industrial Crops and Products 116, 24-34, 2018
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