Zehong (Jimmy) Cao
Zehong (Jimmy) Cao
University of Tasmania, University of Technology Sydney
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Inherent fuzzy entropy for the improvement of EEG complexity evaluation
Z Cao, CT Lin
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Multi-channel EEG recordings during a sustained-attention driving task
Z Cao, CH Chuang, JK King, CT Lin
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Y Han, Y Deng, Z Cao, CT Lin
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EEG-based brain-computer interfaces (BCIs): A survey of recent studies on signal sensing technologies and computational intelligence approaches and their applications
X Gu, Z Cao, A Jolfaei, P Xu, D Wu, TP Jung, CT Lin
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Effects of repetitive SSVEPs on EEG complexity using multiscale inherent fuzzy entropy
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Cloud-assisted multiview video summarization using CNN and bidirectional LSTM
T Hussain, K Muhammad, A Ullah, Z Cao, SW Baik, VHC de Albuquerque
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Deep neuro-cognitive co-evolution for fuzzy attribute reduction by quantum leaping PSO with nearest-neighbor memeplexes
W Ding, CT Lin, Z Cao
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A novel conflict measurement in decision-making and its application in fault diagnosis
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Brain Electrodynamic and Hemodynamic Signatures against Fatigue during Driving
CH Chuang, Z Cao, JT King, BS Wu, YK Wang, CT Lin
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Resting-state EEG power and coherence vary between migraine phases
Z Cao, CT Lin, CH Chuang, KL Lai, AC Yang, JL Fuh, SJ Wang
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A layered-coevolution-based attribute-boosted reduction using adaptive quantum-behavior PSO and its consistent segmentation for neonates brain tissue
W Ding, CT Lin, M Prasad, Z Cao, J Wang
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CT Lin, CH Chuang, Z Cao, AK Singh, CS Hung, YH Yu, M Nascimben, ...
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Exploring resting-state EEG complexity before migraine attacks
Z Cao, KL Lai, CT Lin, CH Chuang, CC Chou, SJ Wang
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Ultrashort echo time (UTE) imaging of receptor targeted magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles in mouse tumor models
L Wang, X Zhong, W Qian, J Huang, Z Cao, Q Yu, M Lipowska, R Lin, ...
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Investigation of multiple heterogeneous relationships using a q-rung orthopair fuzzy multi-criteria decision algorithm
Z Yang, H Garg, J Li, G Srivastava, Z Cao
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Semi-supervised Feature Learning For Improving Writer Identification
S Chen, Y Wang, CT Lin, W Ding, Z Cao
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Identifying ketamine responses in treatment-resistant depression using a wearable forehead EEG
Z Cao, CT Lin, W Ding, MH Chen, CT Li, TP Su
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Theranostic nanoparticles carrying doxorubicin attenuate targeting ligand specific antibody responses following systemic delivery
E Yang, W Qian, Z Cao, L Wang, EN Bozeman, C Ward, B Yang, ...
Theranostics 5 (1), 43, 2015
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