Daniel C Huston
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Trematodes of fishes of the Indo-west Pacific: told and untold richness
TH Cribb, RA Bray, PE Diaz, DC Huston, O Kudlai, SB Martin, RQY Yong, ...
Systematic Parasitology 93 (3), 237-247, 2016
The life-cycle of Gorgocephalus yaaji Bray & Cribb, 2005 (Digenea: Gorgocephalidae) with a review of the first intermediate hosts for the superfamily Lepocreadioidea Odhner, 1905
DC Huston, SC Cutmore, TH Cribb
Systematic parasitology 93 (7), 653-665, 2016
Distribution and occurrence of the exotic digenetic trematode (Centrocestus formosanus), its exotic snail intermediate host (Melanoides tuberculatus), and rates of infection of …
KS McDermott, TL Arsuffi, TM Brandt, DC Huston, KG Ostrand
The Southwestern Naturalist 59 (2), 212-221, 2014
Molecular phylogeny of the Haplosplanchnata Olson, Cribb, Tkach, Bray and Littlewood, 2003, with a description of Schikhobalotrema huffmani n. sp.
DC Huston, SC Cutmore, TH Cribb
Acta Parasitologica 62 (3), 502-512, 2017
Isorchis cannoni n. sp. (Digenea: Atractotrematidae) from Great Barrier Reef rabbitfishes and the molecular elucidation of its life cycle
DC Huston, SC Cutmore, TH Cribb
Journal of helminthology 92 (5), 604-611, 2018
The phylogenetic position of Choerodonicola Cribb, 2005 (Digenea: Opecoelidae) with a partial life-cycle for a new species from the blue-barred parrotfish Scarus ghobban …
SB Martin, TH Cribb, SC Cutmore, DC Huston
Systematic parasitology 95 (4), 337-352, 2018
Infection of fishes, including threatened and endangered species by the trematode parasite Haplorchis pumilio (Looss, 1896)(Trematoda: Heterophyidae).
DC Huston, MD Worsham, DG Huffman, KG Ostrand
BioInvasions Record 3 (3), 2014
A new classification for deep-sea opecoelid trematodes based on the phylogenetic position of some unusual taxa from shallow-water, herbivorous fishes off south-west Australia
SB Martin, DC Huston, SC Cutmore, TH Cribb
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 186 (2), 385-413, 2018
Molecular systematics of the digenean community parasitising the cerithiid gastropod Clypeomorus batillariaeformis Habe & Kusage on the Great Barrier Reef
DC Huston, SC Cutmore, TH Cribb
Parasitology international 67 (6), 722-735, 2018
Monitoring and marking techniques for the endangered Comal Springs riffle beetle, Heterelmis comalensis Bosse, Tuff, and Brown, 1988 (Coleoptera: Elmidae)
DC Huston, JR Gibson, KG Ostrand, CW Norris, PH Diaz
The Coleopterists Bulletin 69 (4), 793-799, 2015
Experimental exposure of adult San Marcos salamanders and larval leopard frogs to the cercariae of Centrocestus formosanus
DC Huston, V Cantu, DG Huffman
Journal of Parasitology 100 (2), 239-242, 2014
A new genus and species of the trematode family Gyliauchenidae Fukui, 1929 from an unexpected, but plausible, host, Kyphosus cornelii (Perciformes: Kyphosidae)
DC Huston, TL Miller, SC Cutmore, TH Cribb
Parasitology 146 (7), 937-946, 2019
Underwater pupation by the Comal Springs riffle beetle, Heterelmis comalensis Bosse, Tuff, and Brown, 1988 (Coleoptera: Elmidae), with an update on culture techniques
DC Huston, JR Gibson
The Coleopterists Bulletin 69 (3), 521-525, 2015
Taxonomic, phylogenetic and life-cycle studies of digenetic trematodes utilizing herbivorous marine fishes as definitive hosts
DC Huston
Trigonocephalotrema (Digenea: Haplosplanchnidae), a new genus for trematodes parasitising fishes of two Indo-West Pacific acanthurid genera
DC Huston, SC Cutmore, TH Cribb
Invertebrate Systematics 32 (4), 759-773, 2018
New Record of an Isolated Spring Population of Huleechius marroni Brown, 19811 in West Texas
DC Huston, JR Gibson
Southwestern Entomologist 43 (3), 803-807, 2018
Train robbery:'Menemerus bivittatus'(Dufour, 1831)(Araneae: Salticidae) steals larvae of'Technomyrmex sophiae'forel, 1902 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in transit
DC Huston
Australian Entomologist, The 44 (2), 85, 2017
Defoliation of Cultured Creeping Primrose Willow (Ludwigia repens) and Other Aquatic Plants by Parapoynx obscuralis (Lepidoptera: Crambidae)
JT Hutchinson, DC Huston, JR Gibson
Southwestern Entomologist 40 (1), 227-233, 2015
Epicauta polingi (Coleóptera: Meloidae) Feeding on Mountain Laurel (Sophora secundiflora) and Guajillo (Acacia berlandieri) in West Texas
DC Huston, D Araujo, JR Gibson, JT Hutchinson
Southwestern Entomologist 39 (4), 887-891, 2014
Invasive Heterophyid Trematodes and their Native Aquatic Hosts in Texas
DC Huston
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